Round 4 Swap Ideas

Several swaps will be finishing up in September so let’s talk about round 4!

We will be running 10 swaps this time around.

This is what we need from you:
Are you willing to run the swap you are suggesting?
What is the time frame for the swap (one month, ongoing, one week)
The size of the package to be sent (that’s what she said!) Small, medium. large…combo…

Please list your ideas and the awesome swap mods will put together a poll on September 10th for the next round.


I cannot host but…

I would love a STS (swap the shop) round.


So glad to hear there will be 10 this round!


I’m up for another round of ongoing ATCs, if people want that to continue.


Yes, me, I want that!


I’d be willing to host an Animal Crossing swap. One month crafting time for either one large or one medium and one small.


I’m withdrawing my art journal swap idea.
Timing isn’t right and there are so many good ideas out there.


With COVID, I know that a lot of people have missed out on costuming/cosplay events and conventions, and with Halloween coming up, maybe something costume-y would be fun. Probably costume accessories (simple hats, jewelry, masquerade masks, etc.) would be easiest for a swap. I think it’d also be a chance for a lot of different people/craft types to be able to participate, since there’s such a range of possible items.

With smaller items like this, I think getting the swap wrapped up and sent out by Halloween wouldn’t be unreasonable.

I’m not sure I’ve participated in enough things to meet the hosting criteria, but if I have, I’d be willing to give hosting a try.


Ongoing ATCs! Yes, I’ve been wanting to play but have been super busy. I’d love to participate! :heart:

I’d also be interested in the OWS if that continues. :crossed_fingers:


Oh, one more thing I’d love to host if people are interested!

Not a plushie swap, but a plushie ACCESSORY swap! Clothes/hats/props FOR your plushies! You could make mini furniture or tools, jewelry, handbags, little scarves or sweaters… whatever! Just include the measurement and pictures of the plushie you’re hoping to accessorize along with your Q. If people are interested in this, I’d also do one month of crafting time, and either one large or one medium and one small.


Also, yes! I didn’t have time to join this month’s ongoing ATC but I do want to jump in at some point!


:raising_hand_woman: Yes please XD

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Yes, I want another round too!

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Yes, I would also love a round of STS. @loves2experiment and @alteredmommy were the hosts before so maybe they would be up for hosting it?

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I think an ornament swap would be fun! I know we used to have the sweat shoppe ornament swap, but not sure we can do multiple partners here and don’t want to steal that from GatorWranglor, but I was thinking an ongoing ornament swap would be fun and could get us making and receiving a few or many!

I’d be willing to host.


I like that idea!


Think about holiday swaps because the next round (5) might not work with the winter holidays.

I will host another round of Ongoing Wish Swap. It is open for the entire month.

A weekend trick or treat swap: You fill a tote full of one small crafted items and then lots of goodies.

The winter book swap: You make a small item, send chocolate and a book. We had two rounds of this one the dead site.


I can’t host and I don’t know how many people would be into this sort of thing, but 2020 seems like the year to do a profanity-related swap


I would be willing to host a profanity swap for anyone who is interested.


I would be happy to host a round of STS if there is interest :slight_smile: In previous rounds, a lot of us also swap for holiday goodies, custom goods and general awesomness.

The swap is basically set up like a virtual craft fair, where participants buy/sell crafted items (using points). Items are priced between 1 to 3 points.

It will sorta be an ongoing type of swap, but in the interest of keeping things manageable, I will probably limit claims to a period of one (1) month. Please bear in mind that if you join this swap, you will have to be willing to ship swap pkgs to an international address and send them out in a timely fashion.

@bluebird & @artsycandice thanks for the reminder!