Round Two of Swaps-Your Ideas

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What would you like to see for round two of swaps. As of today, it is looking like another 5 will be picked, but that could change. So, for right now, let’s hear your ideas!

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**If you suggest a swap, you are also volunteering to host it. **
Please note how long the crafting time would be for the swap!


I would like to do an Art Journal page swap. It would be to swap 1 5”x7” art journal page. 3 weeks of crafting.

The size is specific so that we are all making the same size. The idea is eventually you could collect multiple pages and bind them yourself into a journal. Also keeping it at 5x7 allows you to mail cheap and if you kept it flat enough for one or 2 stamps which opens up international shipping for more people.

People will list 10 themes and your partner will create one journal page on heavyweight medium such as water color paper or thin cardboard such as cereal boxes.

And for those who think art journaling is daunting think of it as a large ATC or slightly bigger 4x6 art piece. And I’m more than happy to post some example videos/examples


Yay, swapping! I can’t wait to see what fun swaps you clever organizers come up with!


I’d still like to do a masterboard swap. It didn’t make the first cut, but there are lots of masterboard makers out there, so I’d still like to offer one.

I’ll scale it back to two 5x7 masterboards. You can mail for a stamp or two depending on weight.

Two weeks to craft.

The masterboard maker determines their style as the purpose of masterboards is for them to be cut up and used for other things.


Positive affirmation, I think we need it right now.
-Swap size is one small item, a treat and a personal note, extras not recommended in this time of postal uncertainty but can be negotiated between partners.
-Small is about 2 hours of crafting time so send outs would be 3 weeks from end of sign-ups.
-Participants list themes/phrases, preferences regarding medium, size, colour, etc. but this one is fairly open to interpretation.
Here’s round 1 from the previous site, and round 2.


A Frida Kahlo swap. The swap/crafting time would be a month. It would be for a medium with extras if partners wanted to.

I love the idea of a positive affirmation swap.


I can’t host right now but I would love a swap for a large item with a luxurious swap time (maybe 5 or 6 weeks). I don’t remember off the top of my head which swaps fell in these parameters, but I know they were out there.

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Can we do a modified ATC swap? Instead of the chain method we used before, we could make a list of 10 themes and we have to make 3 ATCs for our partner. There would be a three week craft time. Three ATCs could be sent in a regular envelope from your mailbox so no Post Office trips required for most.


I would love a small hoop swap! Stitch a small size embroidery (not sure what the hoop size in inches would be) - not as much of a commitment, easier to mail. Themed? Unsure.


I am willing to host a Teesha Moore patch swap OR an adult merit badge swap. One patch or one badge. Extras only if partners agree. 3 weeks crafting time.


@gozer, @Lilyleaper are offering to host the swaps you mentioned? If so, please list what would be swapped, along with your crafting time. Thanks.

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While I love Frida, I would love to see something more general…an Inspiring Women swap…maybe that’s an idea for round 3. :slight_smile:


Adult Merit Badges would be awesome!


One Tiny Thing or 4x6 swaps. I love those. Frida Kahlo or inspiring women would be fun too.

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I love the idea of Inspiring Women!


I’m down with hosting inspiring women :grin:


For this swap, I would send you a mirror. Inspiring women in our midst! :star_struck:


Inspiring women, positive inspirations…I sense a trend in swap ideas that are perfect to lifting spirits right now!


I am ALL ABOUT the TM patch, small hoop, and non-ongoing ATC swaps!! :slight_smile:

I also volunteer again to host a fridge magnet swap: swap five magnets with your partner, at least three of which must be crafted. Any medium okay, including felt, clay, wood, cross-stitch, metal, resin, etc. Three weeks crafting time (or more if people prefer!).


Yes hosting. I thought one small hoop. How about, three weeks crafting time. “Small Hoop” dimensions / definition i would need opinions on - tiny like 3”? Small … I don’t know what the common not-tiny hoop size is - 6”?

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