POLL: Which Swaps Are Next?

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to organize one of the next five swaps here on Lettuce Craft! Now, as swappers, it’s time to vote for the swap or swaps in which you would be interested in participating. Cster members with no negative feedback and LC members who participated in the last round will be allowed to join three swaps; LC members who were not Cster members and Cster members with “less than perfect” swap records may each join one swap.

In the poll below, I have listed the name of the swap, the number of weeks allowed for crafting time, and the swap organizer. Please keep in mind that all these swaps are going to be starting at the same time and finishing around the same time. Let’s not get in over our heads! Brief descriptions of each swap can be found below the poll.

You may vote for up to three swaps. Voting for a swap does not obligate you to actually sign up for it, once signups begin.

POLL CLOSES THURSDAY, MAY 28, and then the organizers of the top five swaps may open signups.

  • Art Journal Page (3) geekgirl
  • Masterboards (2) Lynx2Lancer
  • Positive Affirmation (3) Magpie
  • Inspiring Women (4) kittykill
  • Teesha Moore Patch or Adult Merit Badge (3) MightyMitochondria
  • Bookmark (2) Lilyleaper
  • Fridge Magnets (3) roler
  • Kinetic/Art in Motion (5) endymion
  • Common Ground (4) Bunny1kenobi
  • ATC swap (3) gozer
  • Halloween Advent (ship Sept. 7) JoyfulClover
  • Postcard/Notecard (3) lifeinpigtails

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Art Journal Page swap 1 5”x7” art journal page

Masterboard Swap two 5x7 masterboards

Positive Affirmation Swap size is one small item, a treat and a personal note, extras not recommended in this time of postal uncertainty but can be negotiated between partners

Inspiring Women one medium with extras if partners wish to.

Teesha Moore Patch or Adult Merit Badge One patch or one badge. Extras only if partners agree.

Fridge Magnets swap five magnets with your partner, at least three of which must be crafted. Any medium okay

Kinetic/Art-in motion swap pop-ups, automata, mobiles, kites, windmills, marionettes, wind-ups, climbing or balance toys…anything that moves would be fair game. Either one large item OR medium plus a small.

Common Grounds find things you have in common with your partner and craft with that in mind. 2 mediums or 1 medium and 2 smalls

ATCs Swap 3 ATCs with your partner

Halloween Advent 13 Halloween items

Postcard/Notecard swap Craft at least 10 cards for your partner, artists choice


Poll closes May 28. New swaps will most likely post June 1. With signups and making time, theoretically a swapper could be clear of swapping before Halloween Advent launches (post July 20, partners given August 3rd).

This might affect the voting of interested swappers.


I didn’t realize you weren’t planning on opening this round if chosen. I will remove the swap from this poll.

EDIT: Well, evidently you can’t change a poll after it’s been posted for an hour, so I just made a note of the change.

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Wasn’t Animal Crossing in there…?

And “fill a flat envelope”?

Maybe they did not specify all the info that was needed, I guess.

Oh, well. It’s already impossible to vote for only three!

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I’m trying to vote but it doesn’t appear to be accepting my selections. When I click vote nothing happens and three I checked remain marked. :thinking:


The same thing happened for me, but the number of voters on the right-hand side increased by 1, so I can only assume it took.

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No, I WILL open this round. It’s just so far in the future. And if it gets votes, I didn’t consider people might not mind working on it for a very extended time!

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It happened to me, too. I thought maybe my privileges have been revoked or something. I tried to start a new post the other day and it wouldn’t let me. I have been gone a little while… :confused:

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@JoyfulClover OK.

Those swaps were mentioned, but were talked about more in a “I would like that swap”. No available organizers volunteered to organize either swap this round.

I do need to apologize to @Immaculata, if I inadvertently left your swap off this list. I didn’t think you were actually volunteering at first, but upon re-reading the thread again, I think maybe I was incorrect. If so, I’m very sorry.


@sweets4ever, can you address these comments? Is there any way we can tell if votes are registered?


I had the same voting issue as well - not sure if it took.


Hopefully sweets4ever will weigh in. I just voted from my laptop. There were 43 votes placed before I did. After I voted, the number changed to 44, but all the boxes I checked remained the same.


@sweets4ever any idea?

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It’s normal… works the same with every poll. It would be cool if there could be a little pop-up that said, “You voted!” But I think as long as the number of votes increased by one, then it counted you. What I wonder, is if you can change your vote up until the last day of the poll…

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Yes, I’m gonna put that on site feedback. That’s a good one.

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I checked after I voted and the number voted didn’t change. I’m sure we’ll get it figured out!

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Yeah, I don’t love that it doesn’t give a confirmation, either. It always counts mine, though. Sometimes I have to refresh to see the number has updated.


I voted… Yeah!

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I am so anxious to know what the next round of swaps will be! lol


Me too!