Scissor Sheaths

I recently made a pop up basket and my first step in that project was choosing two coordinating fabrics to use. I ended up coming up with four different possibilities and after making my fabric choice, I thought to myself, ‘Well, you already have some fabric combos ready to go, what else can you make?’ That’s when I remembered I’ve been wanting to make a couple of scissor cases and I had two of the same floral fabrics in different colorways, so I could make the cases coordinate, while still being able to differentiate between my fabric and paper scissors!

The blue is for my fabric scissors and the white (like paper) is for my paper scissors. I had a difficult time sewing through the thick layers. After my bobbin case popped out of position twice and I bent/broke 3 needles, I was considering using a titanium needle when my husband suggested just using a more heavy duty needle (lol, I know that’s a good solution in a case like this, so why in the world didn’t I think of that?). I did still end up hand turning the flywheel to get through the really difficult sections, but I was able to sew the second one with less trouble than the first.

In progress:

Now I’m considering if it would be feasible to decoupage some of the floral fabrics to the scissors so that I can easily tell the difference between the fabric vs. paper scissors with a glance. :thinking:


Those look great! How about a scrappy tassel loop around a handle to mark them?

Oh, that tutorial is missing something so important. How can Bernina not know this essential technique for stitching perfect corners?


Very attractive! I was thinking a similar thing as @Magpie. Could you just tie (or sew) a small strip of fabric to a handle of each pair?

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Beautiful scissor cases. Working in costume shops, we always used a piece of ribbon tied around our scissors to mark who they belonged to, and what they were for (paper vs fabric). It became a fun game to find the prettiest ribbon to make each other jealous.

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How pretty! The colourways you chose are gorgeous, and this is such a great way to tell your scissors apart.

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These are so pretty! I love these as a way to differentiate fabric vs paper, too.

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@Magpie, Thank you for linking to that tutorial! That would’ve come in handy with this project and will surely come in handy in the future

Also, thank you and @endymion and @MistressJennie for the suggestions on how to differentiate the scissors. I like the idea of using the floral scraps as a ribbon around the handle, simple and effective!

Thank you all for the kind comments! It was nice to have a project for the floral fabrics and I’m really pleased that I had coordinating solids in stash ready to go! It feels good to use what I have.

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These are wonderfully made! I love the coordinating fabrics. Even the patterns line up nicely on the front! Excellent work.

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Both beautiful and practical - the best projects have the best of both worlds in my opinion! These are awesome!

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I thought that would be a great way to make them coordinate even more :blush:.

I agree! I love that I’ll get plenty of use out of these while getting to enjoy my pretty fabric in the process!


HI @AudiobookLover ! Did a search to see if I’d commented on anything of yours and ran across these nifty scissor sheaths! White background fabric for paper shears is so smart!

Is a denim needle similar to a heavy-duty one? That’s probably what I’d try but it’s good to have a titanium needle on hand too, I guess.

With them being the same, I would. Currently, I have mine labeled with permanent marker on the blades, even though they’re not the same style shears.

Love your double-pocket design and tapered style! Have bookmarked the We All Sew link. TFS!

Have you discovered the portfolio feature? It’s a great way to see both what other users have posted and to look through all of your own project posts! If you haven’t come across it yet, you can find it by going to a user’s info page, then selecting ‘activity,’ followed by ‘portfolio.’

Yes, a denim needle is a heavy duty needle and the type you’d want to use for a project like this. A titanium needle wouldn’t have been helpful for the issues I was running into unless it had been a heavy duty titanium needle (but if you’re looking for a needle whose point stays sharper for longer, titanium is the way to go).

The idea of decoupaging them is still floating around in my head and one of these days, I might just give it a try. :blush: If you do make this project, check out the tutorial link Magpie posted above, it would definitely come in handy with this pattern!

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Yes, I know about it but haven’t used it much. :smiling_face: Used mine once and looked around on another profile. Thanks for reminding me about its uses. I should get in the habit of using it to work more efficiently.

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