Scrappy quilt finished

Edit: the whole thing is finally done. I had help putting on a load of safety pins, so the quilting went quick in the end. Bound with some fabric I dyed. The backing fabric was too narrow, so I inserted a pieced strio that I was experimenting with.

The top is finally done. Scrap quilts take so much more time, or at least they do for me. I think it’s a combination of more trimming and in my case because the scraps are endless, I maybe am not as careful about seam allowances as I should be-which inevitably confess back to bite me in the ass.


Oh my goodness! This is so wonderful!

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It looks so pretty! You really are cranking out the fabulous projects this year- good for you!


@AntBee and there will be more of them, now that all educational establishment have been closed here, for at least the next two weeks


So beautiful! Is the pink sashing from your wedding?

@MistressJennie well spotted my eagle eyed friend. It’s it is. All of the quilts I make for the foreseeable future will have pink sashing :joy:


Where are the crafty medals…? You deserve one for finishing that! Must have taken a long time! The colors are very cheerful; I like the pink!

I have so much admiration for anyone who can quilt! Such a level of precision and getting things to sit squarely… Super impressive to me! This is gorgeous.

That is fantastic! Ack, the scrappy deliciousness, I just love how this looks!

Love the scrappy quilts…but pink sashing? wow…that is a whole new level of admiration…there has to be a story there…

Beautiful work! I think scrappy quilts are very time consuming- congrats on finishing your top!

I absolutely love your quilt! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:
Scrappy quilts are my fave and my fabric stash matches that :stuck_out_tongue:

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: this is beautiful!

Gorgeous and wow so much work! You are amazing!

all the tiny pieces, coming together to be something new. lovely!

That looks very impressive!
And gorgeous!

@AIMR I scrunch dyed a bunch of white cotton to make table cloths for my wedding last june. To a kind of colour washed pink. So they’re getting used for everything!


What a happy reuse for those!!! They add a bit of interest to your scrappy quilts…and now, each time I see pink in your projects, I will think of your wedding!

i love it!
the pattern is great - simple shapes but awesome end result!