Secret Santa Wishlist swap discussion & gallery

I noticed that _______ hearted a photo of a ______ I made some time ago. Maybe I’ll make her one!


Actual conversation with my friends:
Me: Help I just ordered a bedazzler lol
Friend 1: what will you bedazzle?
Friend 2: I don’t know why this requires help sounds good to me
Friend 1: (EVERYTHING)
Friend 2: This is the only correct answer
Me: Yeah pretty much
2020 needs more rhinestones
I mean, I got it specifically to make [redacted object for this swap] with one (1) pink rhinestone, but when you start searching and you find an off-brand bedazzler with excellent reviews, well, what are you supposed to do?
Friend 1: buy it, obs


I cathed some flu, so I am a bit late with a package to __________; I finished crafting, but have difficulties to go to the Post office. We have new rules in Hugary, so there are strict time-slots to go shopping or other places by age groups. Total crazy…
I also got a message today that a package is waiting for me at the post office from overseas… don’t know the sender name, so I guess the Hungarian Post Office is also playing this Secret Santa game with us :slight_smile: - will try to catch it today.
I see there are huuuuge awesome packages already, I am so excited :slight_smile:


The pieces for the _____ I wanted to send to _____ are still sitting there staring at me, not started. :unamused: Hoping I can get it together during the weekend! A trip to the craft store may be required.


I received a package and it’s amazing!! I know who made this for multiple reasons and I appreciate it so much. :heart: It’s lovely.

First it came in this fantastic box:

It’s an Edward Gorey box inspired by his work on PBS Mystery! The design is etched into the wood and the box was dyed a beautiful shade of purple.

Inside was the most adorable tombstone ornament. I love it so much. And the lining is perfect! Gorey’s work on PBS Mystery is my favorite work of his. I found homes for them already. The box is on the 2nd tier of my glass coffee table and is able to open fully. Right now I am keeping a box of matches in it.

Thank you so much. I love it! :heart:


Hahaha! I was wondering if you would notice anything familiar!!! :package:


It was the tissue paper and then I checked the return address. Haha! I love it so much. Thank you.


Love the Edward Gorey inspired box & ornament!

I need to finish ONE thing for ____ tonight and then my swaps can go out tomorrow!


Squee! I’ve got the perfect place to put the NCC-1701. Thank you so much.


Ohhhh I love the poppy!


General question, on behalf of…someone: What are your real feelings about fruitcake?? Other than allergies already shared, are there any holiday season treats or dishes you really can’t stand? Not to “yuck” someone else’s “yum”, just getting clear on personal preferences. :moon_cake:


It’s not something I’ve ever tried here in Sweden I think, but I’m willing to try most things.

We have ”lussekatter”, saffron buns, usually with raisins.

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I’m trying something that might turn into a new claim. It looks a bit weird until it’s assembled so after I’ve made this one I’ll know if I want to make one for this swap or not.

I know I’m making a _________ and it’s prepared to start _________. After that is done I need a few more things to round out the package.


I can’t speak for everyone, but me personally, if my teeth weren’t bad you’d see me jumping up and down screaming at the top of my lungs YES YES YES YES YES YES…Heh!


I don’t know that I’ve ever really eaten fruitcake, but I’m not a very big sweets person anyway.

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I’m mostly not big on dried fruit, but am pretty sure my child would love it. :grin:

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I love fruitcake. I don’t like divinity candy. Is that a holiday candy? The only time I see it is at Christmastime.


I like fruitcake, and sweets in general. :yum:

No allergies. I’m vegetarian (no meat, but egg & dairy are fine).

I’m looking forward to cooking and baking this holiday season. My family won’t be getting together in person (staying safe from covid), but I plan on dropping off treats at their homes in the weeks leading up to Christmas.


I vaguely remember liking homemade fruitcake. Grams would make it. But it’s been many years since I’ve had any.

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I’m not sure that I have ever had fruitcake, but I’m the odd one out that prefers oatmeal raisin cookies instead of chocolate chip, so it seems like it’d be worth a try.

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