Skully Flannel Nightshirt & Nightcap

As a follow up to this spring/summer nightshirt, Delia and I made TheMisterT a winter, flannel nightshirt for her to give him for Christmas!

And a nightcap to go with! You know that whole “ma in her kerchief and I in my cap,” business right? :rofl:

The tassel is made with embroidery floss from stash. This button is also from stash.

I purchased thin thermal pants in black to go with. The pictures aren’t quite as detailed and styled as I’d like, because outside is really the only place for me to shoot something like this and today is a little colder than normal. :cold_face:


I love that fabric!! And at that temperature, I can see why he would need a nightshirt, thermal leggings and a cap… I literally have never experienced a temperature that low and I hope I never will :open_mouth:

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Thanks! When the Halloween flannel sale came along in October, I jumped on this print! This takes a lot of material. Luckily our house is nice and warm and we haven’t had to spend much time at all outside. It’s a beautiful day to see through the windows!


Nice warm project for your cold wintery weather!

That sure is cold… :cold_face:

…and to think I had to turn on the AC for our unseasonable 69 degrees today!


I’m dying over the nightcap. The traditional nightclothes with the modern print is awesome!


Thanks, pals! I feel like there are some Ghost of Christmas _______ vibes going with skulls on a night shirt!

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It’s so cool, er warm and the nightcap is creepy-cute! I’d be wearing it now, but I’m also sick in bed atm, so something comfy is just right.


I love the night cap, I have one of those on my “to do” list as well, but… maybe for 2023!


Thanks, friends!

This is awesome, and I love you. :black_heart: :skull_and_crossbones: :infinity:

Thanks, lady! And back atcha!

I’m a bit late to the party, but I love it and I’m impressed at Delia for helping out and for wanting to get TheMisterT a pressie in the first place, what a good gal!

I need to train my pups to do something other than model for me I think :wink: Atlas tries to chew my sewing machine foot pedal cable but I’m not sure that counts…

It looks so beautiful there too, if a little cold, brrrrr! :cold_face:


Thanks! Delia loves, and I mean loves, presents and packages whether they are for her or not. So, it is not difficult to get her interested in giving them. I wouldn’t say she’s a natural at sewing projects, what with not having thumbs and all, but she does what she can to contribute and at least isn’t chewing on anything!

It was so cold for those couple of weeks! Perfect weather for sewing projects for Delia and I.