SOCKALONG with me - Knit, Crochet, Loom

Oh I have the needles, but if I cast on those Halloween socks I will never finish my wedding shawl in time. I have a skein of Halloween yarn sitting on my desk, judging me. Taunting me to finish the shawl. :laughing::yarn:

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Haha! I know that judgement feeling! Good luck!


Does anyone have suggestions for an easyish pattern with cables? I really like the one in the first picture on this thread that @AIMR posted. Even better if it has a video tutorial to go with it lol. I’m still a bit sketchy at reading knitting instructions.

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i have a couple, lemme go digging…

OK! @sheepBlue, try one of these:

Axon socks
Speckle Socks
Fancy Socks

But here is a Ravelry Search result, filtered for free patterns of cabled socks if you want to explore more.