Soy Wax Candles

I usually make candles for the holidays, and this year I got some requests for different kinds of scents. I went over board, as per usual! :sweat_smile:

I made them in a few batches over the last month. Overall, it was about 30 hours (including the labeling). I ended up with over 70 candles in 17 scents - not all of them are pictured. New for me this year was making custom scent blends. I’m pretty happy with their cold throw, and will be soliciting feedback on hot throw and which folks might like me to make again. I made notes this year so I actually remember what they all were! :upside_down_face::rofl:

The labels are also handmade. I designed them in Publisher, printed them, cut them with my Silhouette, and attached them with my Xyron.

I tried to come up with some fun names, too. In past years I just named them after the scent, but I was feeling a bit more whimsical and tried to capture the ESSENCE with a single word for most, lol.

  • Archetype (warm cashmere blend)
  • Beachwood (salty and cool)
  • Citronella (these were just a side batch for my house since I had the supplies out)
  • Coffeehouse (coffee and sweet pumpkin spice)
  • Endure (musty and cool, like old books)
  • Fraser Fir (sweet well rounded fir - kinda piney but not chemical-y)
  • Glint (amber and moss)
  • Glow (warm mulling spice blend)
  • Harvest (apple orchard)
  • Humidor (sticky sweet tobacco)
  • Mirth (warm amber and non-sweet vanilla)
  • Paradigm (cool and woodsy)
  • Refresh (salty beach linen and bamboo)
  • Remedy (cool eucalyptus and peppermint)
  • Ritual (spicy palo santo with non-sweet vanilla)
  • Spirit (lemon verbena and a hint of fraser fir)
  • Yuletide (it smells like Christmas, but not Craft-Store-Christmas)

2023 Candles 2

Candles 2023 2

Looking forward to sharing them with friends, family, and colleagues over the next month!

Thanks for stopping by!


This is such an ambitious undertaking… they look super professional, and I love the names you chose.

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this is so impressive – lovely labels, and I’m sure they all smell fabulous!
just wow!!

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Beautiful batch of lovely gifts! They look great.

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Love this. Where do you get your raw materials from? I’ve dabbled making parrafin but really do prefer soy wax for home. Do they use the same fragrances?

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Thank you all so much!

I primarily buy supplies from CandleScience. They’re great and have A+ customer service. I have bought supplies other places, but always end up going back to CS because of the quality and care I get with them.

Fragrances tend to work for both soy and parrafin, but some work better/differently depending on the waxes, and some are optimized for use with soy wax. CS has great info and tutorials about scents, waxes, wicks, and the process - definitely check them out if you’re interested in candle making!

Oooh, these are lovely. You should join the Light It Up swap with us! :heart_eyes: Light It Up Swap SU Mar 20- Apr 3 SO May 15