"Speedy the Snail" zine

I made this zine as part of my package for my “invite your partner swap.”

One of her themes was “snails and mushrooms.” So I made up and illustrated this story.

I sent my partner the original, and I made copies for the kiddos in my life (kids, nephews, nieces, etc.). I used stickers on the inside cover to hide Gozer’s name, because I forgot to make copies before I had written that in, lol!


Your kids must love your illustrated little stories! Very cute and humorous!


Cute zine! And great little story, also.


It was such a fun story! My new current obsession is zines, and I love this one. Wonderfully done. Thank you so much!!! Speedy is a cutie!

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Clapping and loving story time. :hearts: It was fun and educational. I never thought of what snails eat.

If there’s ever a sequel, I’d buy it, lol

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Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

I’ve only written and illustrated a couple of stories for my kiddos, but I’ve been thinking about doing more. I have great fun with it, and the zine size is kind of perfect. I dislike creating the same drawing more than once, so I’m not sure about a sequel, but… I’ll think about it :blush:

What a cute story! I love it!!!

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