Stash Busting Collapsible Gift Bags

I used an svg file from svgcuts to make a half dozen gift bags utilizing some pretty xmas cards we got this year as well as 18 pcs of stash cardstock. WOO!



For the last many years I will use our holiday cards to make gfit tags, so 4 of the 6 are made using those, and the two and the stripe-y critter bags are from the paper pads that the critter paper came from.


And this illustrates how the scoring done by the file and Cricut machine allow them tobe collapsed for easier storage. Hopefully, I’ll get 'em used up next year!


All the ribbon is from stash, too!


The Elf bag makes me so happy.

We got an Elf card this year, so… I used up the best bits! I got two more tags out of it with Buddy on them.

I think it is so ingenious using cards! They often come with really excellent images and words, so much better than the average tag or bag. It seems such a pity to recycle them in January, I love this second use!

These are fabulous. Love the reusing aspect!

These are really cute! Yay for using stash and making good use of cards!!

Thanks all! Hopefully these bags will get used over and over before being recycled!

These are super cute, I love all the different paper you have and use, and Buddy!!! adorable :smiley:

Great job at stash-busting! Awesome project!

Lovely! Yay you for stash busting and upcycling old Christmas cards :slight_smile:

Thank you, friends!

Did you make the actual bag, too, or just embellish it with Christmas cards?

How big are the bags? I recently thought to do something similar with a stack of 12 x 12 cardstock I ended up with.

Yes, please tell us more about the making process! Did they take multiple sheets per bag? These look awesome and have me eyeing my scrapbook paper stash wondering if I can find a similar scoring file for my Silhouette machine.

@Homerof2 I made them using svg files and my Cricut. I got the files from as part of their “Fun and Games Kit” which is mostly sporty projects, but had this bag, too.
@sheepBlue and @Trillian The bags are 11x7x4 inches. They use 2 full 12x12 sheets for the sides and 2/3-ish of a 3rd sheed for the bottom which has a rectangle on the outside and on the inside, so they’re pretty strong. The files from should work with just about any cutting machine! Unfortunately this collapsible bag seems only available with the “kit” mentioned above. I have made the soccer ball box and the baseball hat box from that kit. UPDATE: Just recently the “kit” that has all the files has been separated so you can buy JUST one of the projects, including JUST the bag.


Thanks so much! The stuff you make with your cricut has been really inspiring me to dust off my cutting machine.

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Those are so pretty and so many different styles.

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These look so good, the stripey bags are my favorites! What a great way to destash and use all that paper for something useful and reusable! I love how you used the cards to add coordinating pictures!

In my experience, rather than scoring the paper, the silhouette cuts a perforated line for folding. In order to get an actual score line, you change the perforated dash line to a regular line cut, then set your blade to a 1 to score it. That way the blade doesn’t cut all the way through, but will just go through the top layer.
If you search ‘how to score a line with silhouette,’ there are plenty of tutorials and videos that will take you through step by step.


Ah ha! That’s why the files always come with a “dotted line” for scoring! The Cricut has a scoring tool and many of the files from svgcuts come with a solid score line option which is soooo much faster and I find gives me a nicer fold. However this file has not (yet?) been updated with solid score lines.

I’ve never been a fan of the perforated look, so I was happy to learn how to score using the machine. It makes for a much cleaner look!