Steampunk costume for a wedding

It’s finally done! This was started pre-Covid for a wedding, but with all the lockdowns the wedding was postponed twice, it’s now happening in August.

I started this over two years ago, but moved house in the middle, so there was a long long hiatus, but I’ve been working away at it for the last month or so.

I made the stripy skirt, the red tulle underskirt was from my wedding, I’ve just gathered it up at the front. For a nifty touch I’ve sewn a thin led strip around the bottom of the skirt and around the bustle. It’s not dark here yet, so this isn’t easy to see in this light

The black lace blouse was thrifted, I cut it up the front and added the stand up collar. I shortened it and used the offcuts for a frill on the sleeves. I already had the corset

The jacket was also thrifted, I cut this into a tailcoat, lined it with some fabric I printed, and then printed it all over with more gears, added shiny buttons.

This sits over the bustle. With slits in the sleeves so that the lace sleeves of the blouse can poke through.

I painted the crow for the hat, and added lots of feathers and a lace fall for the back. I also decorated my husband’s hat with feathers, and a solar lightbulb which should look great at night (and I won’t lose him!)

The boots were cheap and on sale, so I put copper leaf on the toes and heels and made some spats to wear with them.

I’m going with a kind of witchy sorcerer vibe, so I got this stick on a walk in the woods, it took a few tries to sculpt the crow skull, but in the end Papier mache pulp worked. Painted and added some red LEDs with some glass chips, so that the eyes light up. It’s glowing white in these photos, but it’s actually red, added some real crow feathers.

The bandolier was a thrifted belt to which I added a thrifted purse handle, riveted on elastic to take various bits and bobs, a fan, pouch, cellphone

I made another pouch to go on the back, that will carry a light whip. I’m not sure how I’ll wear it after dark, maybe just draped over like this.

And the final touch will be these steampunky guns made from dollar store ones.

There are other little details, I copper leafed the buttons on the spats,

caught in the led on the bustle with ribbon and added little gears as fasteners. I’ve round red glasses and gothic/steampunky crows skull jewelry to wear with it.

No action shots as the whole thing is a complete faff to get into, the corset is a complete PITA to fasten, but when I’m finally fully dressed, I’ll get some photos

Edit this is what it looks like in the dark, just the lights on the skirt:


Oh My GOODNESS! This is insanely awesome!!!


Unbelievable detail, honestly. You will both shine at this event, even without the actual wee lights.
So well done. Be ferociously proud of this effort, it’s amazing.


Just over-the-top, uber awesome! Can’t believe they light up. Incredible!

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These look so great! I love all the details, can’t wait to see action shots!


I was inspired by (and really want!) Some of this fabric. Light up fabric but it’s soooo expensive. But it did lead me down the LED rabbit hole

Aw thanks so much xx

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa [deep breath] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! This is truly outstanding! So many great details! Such clever reuse! IT FREAKIN’ LIGHTS UP! I’m super stoked to see the action shots.


What a bunch of fabulous details, all adding up to a wonderful pair of costumes.

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Just…WOW!! So many amazing details! You guys are going to look so fantastic. Love the lightbulb on Mr.’s hat. Can’t wait to see you both all dressed.

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Stunning! Such an inadequate word to describe this! Every little meticulous detail is beyond fabulous! And that was before the light-up portion of this parade! DAY-um, I can’t wait to see the action shots!

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Truly enchanting my dear friend. This is such an amazing labor of love and creativity. I’m in absolute awe.


This is fantastic! I love all the lighting. :smiley:

Oooooh I love it all!! I was going to pick out my fave bits to rave about but to be honest I can’t because it’s all amazing :grin: It’s a fantastic look, you guys are really going to stand out, if pushed I think my fave parts are the solar lightbulb on hubbys hat, the crow on your hat, and just all the attention to detail, the added steampunk lining to the jacket and the buttons etc. Magnifique!! * chef’s kiss *


Thank you sweetie xx

That is going to be one cool wedding! Wow, they sure waited a long time through this pandemic. You did an amazing job putting that costume together! I know it will be a hit.

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These are so totally awesome. the accessories and details. Fantastic! You are sure to out shine the other guests!


:fire: This project is hot, hot, hot! And one of this week’s featured projects! Congrats! :fire:



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Steampunk is one of my favourite fashions, and this is sooo awesome!! Love all the little details you did!
And they give light!! LIGHT!! How awesome!!

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wow!!! that is amazing work… :star_struck:

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