Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

I have not done much canning in years past but this year I’ve jumped into the process head first. lol
I am not a huge jam fan but my kids love it. This was my most recent batch. I was bemoaning not having access to decent rhubarb when a relative gave me a huge pile! I promptly bought some strawberries and set to work. This jam has gotten so much love from my friends that I had to make one more batch of 1/4 pint jars to share. These 1/2 pint jars will go into my home pantry.

I might have bought a couple of pounds of blueberries today to try my hand at blueberry jam too. Stay-tuned. lol


That looks delicious!

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YUM! It looks and sounds so good.

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Oooh! I’ve not had any rhubarb in so long… :disappointed_relieved:. And this year has been excessively hot so my rhubarb died back as soon as it was going strong…WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Though, you ought to try blueberries with rhubarb, too. Ah blueberry rhubarb pie, how I miss thee, let me count the calories…1000, 5000, 10000, 100000.


Looks super yummy!
I feel like I have jam making PTSD a little from making a ton of jam last year as wedding favors for our wedding.
But I might be ready to make some jam again. :yum:


I just started jam making with my daughter! We have started with freezer jam. What method do you use?

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Well done! I just saw some rhubarb at Kroger yesterday. I was so tempted to make a batch of strawberry rhubarb jam. Maybe I’ll do so next week after I grocery shop again!.

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Thank you. It is! :slight_smile:

I have been looking up low sugar recipes for these jams. There is still a lot in them, bit it helps. :slight_smile:

I have never tried it with blueberries. Sounds… interesting. My grandmother often made rhubarb pie, with nothing else, so I’m accustomed to a pretty tart bite. lol

Wow! I can’t imagine doing that. I got married last year and we had so much food. lol How many jars did you make?

I have zero freezer space so I have been doing water-bath canning.

Do it!!! lol

I’ve only had rhubarb once, when I was a kid.
I don’t remember the flavor, but I had a dream that night that a giant bird was threatening our house; I gave it the rhubarb pie, and it died.

I really haven’t encountered it since, and certainly haven’t sought it out. Maybe I should; it saved my house!

Oh. My mom would love this!!

I’ve never worked with rhubarb. I might be missing something lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Heh, that’s the way I grew up, too. I thought people were nuts putting fruit with it, HAH!

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I don’t even remember anymore. I think about 80 small jars?
Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 12.51.34 PM


Those are lovely! Also… I see your date… I got married on the 13th of September last year. :smiley: It was a good time to get hitched. lol

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Strawberry rhubarb jam is delicious! And, blueberry jam is so unbelievably good- it’s what really got me started with canning. Fresh picked high bush blueberries, picked and canned in a high school kitchen with about 6 stove tops going on a 95 degree day, and it was so worth it! I took an agricultural extension class one summer, and I couldn’t believe how easy it was.

There’s a book by Marisa McClellan (it’s her 3rd of 4 books on canning… she owns the website called Naturally Sweet Food in Jars that has about 100 recipes using sweeteners other than cane sugar. It’s worth a look!


Yay September anniversaries! Yeah, we’re super grateful we got our wedding in before all this hit. My cousin had to postpone her wedding that was suppose to be in a few weeks.

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Wow. I am sorry for your cousin. :frowning:
In truth, we’d already been post-poning it for years. Last year marked our 13th year dating (Our story together starts back in 1991, or '92, I believe.) Because it was our 13th year together, and I was 13 when we met, there was a Friday the 13th in September. We grabbed the date and ran with it. (The ceremony was officially held at 1 p.m… the 13th hour :wink: ). Oh, and after I’d shared the date with our best friend she informed us that that was her wedding date too, which I’d completely spaced.
Yeah, that’s how we roll. :smile:

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