Summer 2022 Book Swap Gallery

Post your goodies here!


I received the most amazing Summer Book Swap package from @gozer.

She sent me some cute little mandrakes that will be my reading assistants:

A dinosaur tote bag to haul my books to the library:

She made the handles extra long so I can drape it over an arm when I’m wearing a puffy coat in the colder months.
The best part is the seam on one side where the dinos just don’t match up. I got quite a chuckle out of it!

And snacks included candy (which I may or may not have already eaten) and some fun teas:

Since she wanted a digital book and I’d prefer a real book, we decided just to tell each other what we wanted to buy the other and we’ll get it ourselves for simplicity. I’ll be getting “Finlay Donovan Knocks 'Em Dead: A Mystery (The Finlay Donovan Series Book 2)”. I absolutely LOVED the first one, so I can’t wait to read the second. I didn’t even know there was a second until I suggested it to a friend and she told me about it.

Thanks for a great swap!


Im so glad you like the package. I had a fun time making it!

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I received a wonderful package from @kittykill !

She made a most excellent hoop with the words from a sign in Morwen’s house in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles. I may not have talking cats, but surely this is the next best thing. :grin:

She also stitched this beautiful bookmark. I just love the colors!

She also surprised me with the next book in Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series, and a book of Mary Oliver poetry which I absolutely adore, plus some cute book plates! And a welcome supply of swedish fish and tasty-looking teas! Thank you Kittykill!


What awesome starts to the gallery!! I love that dino tote!! Of course the stitching on that hoop is perfection, but I love the bookmark - so unique!

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A book with talking cats? I’m intrigued. @kittykill The hoops is awesome! Love a black cat the flowers are so pretty,

Those mandrakes are SO cute, and the dino tote is excellent! I didn’t know that airhead gummies existed! :exploding_head:

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everything looks great!

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Yeah! So glad you like everything. When I was stitching the bookmark I started thinking of the waves in the ocean. I pieced together a pattern for the hoopla-it was a fun stitch.

Those little mandrakes are just too much!


That hoop and bookmark are fabulous!

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The mandrakes! The tote bag! The hoop! Such a great start to this gallery!

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my pkg from @Abbeeroad road arrived, and the craft is gorgeous! I’m ready to dive into the book, and she even made me a bonus bookmark – yay! She also sent a fun sticker~
Oh, and roasted pepitas that will be on the snack docket tomorrow!
Thanks so much, Abbie! I love my pkg & the sweet note you sent :heart:
I think I’ll have to get on my phone to insert the photos, so give me a minute~
(just realized that I covered up the title == it’s Book Lovers by Emily Henry

And check out this fantastic weaving project!

One other special thing is that she used some of her handspun yarn on the bookmark— from a session at the Asheville meetup years ago! I’m thrilled to have both the crafted items!


I (not so) recently started redoing my spare room with a reading theme. @Kwality570 made me some awesome fabric baskets for my room! Here is one of them on my super tiny night stand.

Here are the two of them together. And with candy for a size reference. She also sent that scrumptious candy.

She included the extra fabric for future projects. Which was super nice because i love this fabric. Dhe also sent along some neat cold water drink enhancer. Its like a tea. I cant wait to try it! And an adorable cat paw notes.

She also included (spoiled) me with a foldable tote to keep in my car and an awesome pouch with a fun, and true, cat patch!

Thank you so much. I love everything! Oh, and i will be reading Shattered. :heart:


I’m glad you like everything @kayrun! It was so fun to craft for you!

Love those book themed baskets!


what a great swap pkg – that fabric is perfect for this swap @Kwality570

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The bookmark and weaving are awesome! And I love the book fabric totes too!

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That woven art is just wonderful, and the bookmark too! Those fabric baskets are a great addition to any space! And clever to send the surplus fabric for other matching goodies!

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Oh my goodness! Such wonderful stuff! Everyone has sent so most of us should be receiving around the same time. This is such a great gallery!


Yep! I received from @kayrun today!!

She sent me 2 (!!) books!!! Ah!

My favorite snacks…fruit and nuts! And a sweet card:

And this adorable little hoopla that even my husband said was perfect for me!

Thank you so much @kayrun!! I can hardly wait to start reading! :smile:


Yay! I’m so glad you like it! I started to give up and switch to another project since you had so many great ideas on your Pinterest. Glad you like the final result.
I hope we are partners again so I can use some of those other ideas!