Sweet Sixteen 3D Numbers

Our niece is going to be 16 (!) at the end of the month! It’s her 2nd Covid birthday :frowning_face: and a milestone, so we’re going to do a little extra for her mailed birthday package in addition to her official gift (whatever that’s going to be).

The front panels are hologram, but also the dots are a bit raised. All the embellishments are from stash.


I used my Sizzix Big Shot to cut the letters from a glitter cardstock on the side of the 1.



I also used my Sizzix to cut this ticket to the “best day ever” for the side of the six. I rubbed some ink on there to help it stand out a bit as well as along all the edges of the numbers, because the cardstock in white on the inside and back, so it shows on the cuts and folds.


I sewed little muslin pouches for some steel and copper shot that are glued into the base to keep the letters upright and more stable. The files are from svgcuts.com’s 3D Numbers Party “kit” which included the files for these party hats came from.


How fun! I bet these are still on display when she leaves for college.


Aw, thanks! I hope they stay up a few months or for the year, at least. Both she and her sister are appreciative of handmade things and tend to keep and/or display them for a time. Which is one reason they still get handmade things!


These are fantastic! 16-year-olds are so hard to craft for…you nailed it. I LOVE the inking on the edges and the “best day ever” ticket - wonderful touches.


Aw, thanks! Teens are hard to craft for, but I think it would be WAY harder for teen boys!


I love the rainbow stones outlining the numbers - amazing work xx

These are so cool! I would have gotten a kick out of these at 16! Come to think of it, I would get a kick out of them at 53! :laughing:

Thanks y’all!

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So delightfully cheerful!

That is super fun! I bet the birthday girl gets a kick out of displaying that for a long time.

Oh fabulous! She will love this I’m sure!

Thanks, pals!