Flat-packable Party Hats

A couple of our dear ones are facing their 2nd Covid birthdays next month and are both having milestone birthdays, too!

Our niece will be 16 (hat on the left) and a dear friend will be 50 (hat on the right). I just hope to add a little something extra festive to their birthday packages and remind them that they have people far away who wish they could be there to celebrate!


They have a tab and slot closer on the back and a bunch of bow/flower/pinwheel thingies attached with brads around the rim which is sort of scalloped.


They have elastic chin straps… so the party peeps can dance while wearing, of course!


I used files from svgcuts and my Cricut Explore to cut them and all materials were from stash!


What a fun idea!

These are most excellent! You are the best!

Totally reminding me of that swap, I need a crown, or whatever it was called. I need a dang colourful hat, those are awesome!

THANKS everyone!

These are fabulous! What a great way to celebrate!

Aw. What a fun surprise to receive with a bday card. Celebrate!

Thanks! I hope they put these on at least for a bit.

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That is such a clever idea! They are adorable.

Cute and clever. I love the balloon animal one!

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Thanks so much!

This is really neat and fun!!!

Utterly adorable!

Custom-made party hats! That’s such a special touch.

Thanks so much, y’all!

ooh…almost missed this post! These are so cleverly! Such a cheerful thing…who can be sad wearing a party hat? lol

Love all of the details…the tiny brads are my new obsession…

Thank you!

Michael’s has a pretty decent selection of brads, lots of them tiny! I think that all of these came from scrapbook.com, though.