Tarot Print Joggers 🏃‍♀️ For Not-jogging

Ever since making these Lucky/Spooky Rocketship Sweatpants for TheMisterT I have been looking at this same line of fabric at JoAnn for something to make a pair for me. It’s a juvenile apparel line and it seems that I don’t get excited about it until the Hallween-y prints come out. :ghost:

This print is also glow-in-the-dark!

I used Simplicity 8268 again which goes together pretty quickly. In fact, if I wasn’t using a special sew-on-knits stitch on my machine I bet the sewing would take less than 2 hours, maybe even quite a bit less. The pattern calls for ribbing at the ankle and for the elastic casing at the waist, but using the same fabric worked for TheMisterTs pair so I used it for mine, too. For me not having a contrast piece at the top and bottom works better.

The MisterT’s BIL has a birthday coming up in about a month and if TheMisterT’s sister thinks her hubz would ike a pair of silly joggers, I am going to try to find a suitable print for him, too!


Neat joggers! And omg…it glows in the dark!!

Neat! Maybe I need to visit joanns…

That fabric! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thanks all!

Just fantastic!

Shut up! These are RAD!

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How fun! Love the glow-in-the-dark print.

Thanks, everyone!

Love them! Everything is better if it glows in the dark.

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Congrats! Your tarot print joggers are one if this week’s featured projects. You’re rad!

Thanks! You’re rad!

These are lovely and look so comfy!

I love :sparkling_heart: the fabric and yay for comfy jogger pants :star_struck:
I purchased a pattern for some jogger pants last year… I should finally give it a try!

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Thanks so much!

@Ewulotta I hope you give it a try! Comfy season is coming up quickly!

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What!?!?! It glows in the dark??? I have some of this. I need to try it!

It does! You do!