Teeny weeny miniature crocheted crowns

@Abbeeroad recently posted some Fabulous Scrappy Feather Crowns and in the conversation I saw mention of a crocheted crown posted elsewhere by @AntBee, that one didn’t seem to have it’s own post so I had to go looking for it and when found, it linked to a pattern for a people sized project that inspired me to make a wee little mini version of my own, and here they are! Adorable, no?

I used the 2 golden yarns I had in stash. The chunkier version was made with chainless sc foundation stitch, if you don’t know this stitch, it is easy to learn and a valuable addition to your crochet repertoire. That was followed with a row of sc stitched up with some tension to create more of a band shape and less of a floppy circle. The points are sometimes called cathedral edging and are made by skipping 2 st, 3 dc in the same stitch, ch 3 picot, 3 dc into the same stitch, skip 2 st, slip stitch and repeat.

With the finer yarn, it was tricky to pick up the stitches for chainless foundation so those are made with a sc chain followed by a row of hdc, then a row of tight sc, then the cathedral/picot edges.

The foundation chain will need 6 stitches for each point, so a 3 pointed crown = 18 stitches, a 4 pointed crown = 24 stitches, 30 for 5 points and so on.


Now all of my stuffies and dolls want crowns…lol

So cute…I bet flamingos, mushrooms and cacti would look great in crowns…hmmmm


Yes! Must see all the things in crowns!


This triangle edging would work too.
Or just a simple row of 5 stitch mini picot. Depends on the yarn, the fine stuff I used is sock weight, it’s super light.
The girl wanted a couple of the 3-D ones I made for earrings but I don’t think they will work very well so I’m figuring out a pattern for a flat crown using puff and chain stitches. So far it needs to be sewn down to something or starched to keep it’s shape.


I love these! So cute. They would make adorable earrings.

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Adorable, yes!!

These are so cute!

So flipping cute!

Ridiculously adorable!!

Super cute!!! Adorable!!!

Ooh, ok, somebody’s dolls might need a couple crowns…


They are adorable!

Squeeeee! These are adorable!!!

These are royally adorable!!!

Those are adorable.

Wahoo! Your wonderful project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Thanks for sharing it here with us!

IT’S SO CUTE! :wink: :wink: :frog: This frog says IT’S SO VERY CUTE!!!

eta: This very enthusiastic comment brought to you by my 7yr old. But they are very cute crowns.

These are so cute! I’m imagining all the cute things I would put them on. So adorable!

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So tiny!! They are fabulous!!