Thing-A-Day February 2021 Craftalong

It is simply incroyable, astonishing, really. I don’t know why I am surprised, I should have expected you would tackle and make short work of that daunting project.

I posted a loose tutorial for the mini crowns.

Here’s another one displayed on the stars Mollie made for me.


I found a mostly unused kit for these at the thrift store ages ago and made a few but was frustrated at the odd loops left over so went hunting for more. Who knew they would be so expensive? And oddly numbered. I’ve completed the rest and still have odd loops leftover! I give up on this craft, lol.


Very colorful and useful…I feel the same way about yarn…I seem to need to buy more yarn to use up leftover yarn…the cycle never ends!!

You could use the left overs for masks…

Today, since I feel a bit unwell, I am working on my LC address book…I bought a kraft paper A5 journal and want to decorate it…going to treat is sort of like an art journal, swap journal, notes, etc. Tired of corralling all of the bits and pieces of paper that I normally do…let’s see how long this habit lasts…lol


Holy awesome!!

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My things for today…I’ve been working on learning how to knit. My grandma taught me once upon a time but it’s been a looong time. I started with swatches. Here’s garter stitch and stocking stitch:

This is my 3rd garter stitch swatch lol. Switched to bamboo needles from metal and whoa whole new world lol.


Those are actually looking pretty good for someone who’s learning to knit! The tension is very even already. I love working with bamboo needles, but it’s very different from metal.

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Well I didn’t show you the really awful ones, lol! But my fingers remember this from back in the day. I think that helps.


21st Feb

Quite a crafty day, bit more on my cross stitch and started a second, different, one :roll_eyes:

Made some twinchies up from the zentangle background - can’t share a full pic yet, but little sneak peak …

But the fun-est thing was making sombrero hats with my Brownie and Rainbow groups. We had a virtual sleepover last night and zoom calls at teatime yesterday and again this morning. As we are almost at Thinking Day, we have been learning about the World Centres, so this morning was about Mexico…

Any round biscuit, a marshmallow (or similar shaped jelly sweet) for the centre, icing to hold everything together and sprinkles! (Not sure my ratio of hat to brim is quite right, but they tasted good :smiley: )


@seeuudee Those look yummy!

Pumpkin Bear # 3 has made its appearance!

I’m still figuring out how to get the best muzzle/smile. It’s funny how they all turn out slightly different in body shape and style!


Dolly has had lots of fashion changes throughout her 15 years of life - including a massive surgery - but this is her first time requesting yarn! She is so thoughtful and wanted to help bust my yarn stash when I make her a new hat (without pattern).


Day 21: I did some paint experiments toward a possible second 4x6 piece. They didn’t turn out as I was envisioning (not bad, just different), but I got some pretty cool tags and bits in cleaning off my scraper.


At first glance I thought you were making willy warmers… :rofl:


Omg :flushed: :laughing:

@megwell - I always think my palette looks better than my art, lol. Love your tags.


Yesterday I made this ATC

And today I helped my mom make a paper chain for Ayyám-i-Há.

She hung it a little too low and we both kept walking into it! :joy: We made it with little baby circles and I like it better than the “traditional” big circles :wink:

Then I came home and eventually made two more ATCs :slight_smile:


Yesterday I did some more gardening and in the evening I stitched away on my sampler. But today will be a busy day!

  • Before breakfast I already made some broccoli soup for lunch from leftover broccoli stems + vegetable stock cube. Very simple but will taste very nice with a slice of good bread and is 350 grams of extra veggies today.

  • Now I don’t have the mental and physical burden of cleaning anymore, I’m going to make a list of small things that have to be done and that I’ve postponed for years. One thing is changing the cilynder of the frontdoor lock. When we moved here, the cylinder in the backdoor was broken, so we changed it out, and never got round to changing the cylinder for the front door, so we have two keys. This is going to take like 10 minutes.

  • Tonight I’ll have a digital sewing group meeting and I want to finish the denim quilt top and make the BOM for February.

  • Probably more stitching as well.


Three new knit swatches: cable, seed, and moss stitch. And I wove in my ends.


I have teh envy, knitting is beyond me.

Finished another pair of swants that’s all 3 from the WIP stash.

I kept the button front, I just love how it looks!


Omg, I love the buttons, tooo!

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22nd Feb

Bit more work done on both cross stitch pieces and some mini vintage valentine cards, with envelopes, to tuck in the pockets of a valentines themed pocket letter…

The cards are 4cm by 5cm and the envelopes are 5cm by 6cm


Everything is so much better tiny…

@Magpie you are killing me with your swants! Love that you used the button front…so “fashion” forward, darling…lol

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