Thing-A-Day February 2021 Craftalong

They are actually real magic!


Oh gosh everyone has been doing lots of crafting! I got kinda busy this last week. And just didn’t feel up to crafting. I did a little cross stitching on my project. And then made some dinners. But nothing fancy.


24th Feb

Used some of the twinchie backgrounds cut from the sheet of heart zentangle doodles and made some with the theme “Love is…”

Oh and some more cross stitch - it is getting so close to being done :grin:


My pumpkin bear patch has grown to 6!


I’m finally bringing myself out of a stretch of super low creative motivation that not even wanting to show off to y’all every day could fix! I feel OK about missing days; I know I’m doing more than I would without this craftalong, so still a net win. :green_heart: (This is growth for me, I have perfectionist tendencies that hinder my enjoyment of things that are incomplete.)

Monday, Russian borscht to use up some storage veggies:

Tuesday, finally inspiration strikes! Snow dyeing a t-shirt!

Green and blue dye (the blue is more evident in person), concentrated towards the middle and bottom edge.

Today I worked on a swap project, so teaser photos only.

I want to give another shoutout to everyone who continues to show up for this craftalong - y’all are rockin’ it! Only 4 days left!


Your snow dye came out so great!!

I worked on my first real knit project today. I was hoping to finish but the middle was a little tricky and I’m on bedtime duty tonight so it will have to wait until tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:


The t-shirt did turn out great! I want to overdye some sheets and use them for projects…just have to wait for the dye to arrive.

These last few days, I have been busy getting my house ready for some vistors…I have been here over a year and I still have curtains to make, pictures to hang, boxes to unpack!

So my “thing” for the last few days has been making curtains…


I can’t share pictures but I made two ATCs today :smile:


day 24: The yarn and I are at a stand off. Too much time together and now we annoy each other. I took some time yesterday to mindlessly wind Other Yarn and now the hat is surly and, frankly, jealous. Today’s “thing” will have to be that I moved it around a bit from the table to the sideboard a few times.

Tomorrow is a new day.


Day 25:
Anybody remember when we first started swapping boro stitched stuff? I made a bunch of pieces that ended up in stash. I’m just finishing this thing up with the biggest one I stitched & saved.

My daughter didn’t like the tail, is it better without?

It was so easy, & all from stash! I had a piece of that really stiff felt that was great for reverse appliqué.


It is gorgeous :heart_eyes:

I do kinda like the tail, but I actually prefer it without

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I don’t like it with the tail…looks like a lollipop! :rofl: It is just gorgeous and highlights your stitching with the neutral heart frame!

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Ok easy fix. I’ll just put those pretty buttons back in the stash!

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I love the little red section where you left the corner turned up…a hole in the heart that has mended!


That is actually completely stitched down, it’s a bit of vintage bark cloth from the piano bench cover I sewed when the kids were taking lessons. They’ve both given it up now so we gave the piano away to a neighbour. I am going to rescue that fabric to make a tote for my sister, she loves bark cloth! I’ll recover the cushion with something else for the neighbour. She took that turquoise basket off my hands and it’s on the piano at their house so I know her colour scheme…

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I love that heart! I am also on team no tail :wink: :heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart:

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Love the heart @Magpie! Loooove that boro stitch. :heart:

I finished my knitted project today. It’s a headband/ear warmer.

I followed the Hot Mess Headband tutorial.


Oh mercy, Abbee, that looks so good that I looked at that pattern but it just hurts my brain. I can crochet next to anything just by imagining the shape but knit messes up my head space.

Now it’s made, I’m not sure I want to keep that boro heart piece. What should I do with it? I’m confused about how that raffle swap works, I could check that out. Or does one of you like enough to want it for yourself? If more than one of you like it that much, I do have another piece of boro and more of that felt. The fabric on that one is more subdued with a scrap that has a windmill printed on it. It’s cute, I’ll get a pic…

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:raising_hand_woman: :heart_eyes:

I like it enough!!! :smile:

I love that you used bits of yarn that you used in your samplers! Now you can see the results of your hard work! Love that pattern…just like one big cable … I think I will make a few of those in cotton for the summer. Nice job…and you did a great job on the edges!