Thing-A-Day February Craftalong 2020

I love this so much, the colours and theme are both beautiful

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Today I made some twinchie and inchie bases by playing around on a full sheet and then cutting it up.

Full sheet

Acrylic paint in several colours, silver metallic paint, silver glitter, strip of lace, silver sharpie marker and a little washi tape

Twinchie bases

Inchie bases

And my favourite four inchie bases


Isn’t it cool how something large can look so different on a tiny scale? The details just stand out…nice work!


Oooh, those look awesome!! Love the textures!!

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@WileESongDog I am very sorry for the loss of your beloved kitty. Pets truly are family.

Your pompons look nice and colorful.

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I finished my Sunset Fabric Woven Wreath!


Nothing finished today, but I did smear some paint around a couple of languishing masterboards a la @geekgirl’s Masterboards: A Walk-Through / Tutorial to great effect.


I was hoping to get one practical thing done and one fun thing done…

Here is what I got done…a much needed pop of color in my guest bathroom…I made a valance out of some fabric I bought to match my sea green towels…I didn’t have enough so I had to line it to keep it at about 15 inches long…took me way too long for such a simple thing, but I also cleaned and did stuff between…


I did my blanket row goal for today and also used my instant pot for the first time with a new recipe for a portobello mushroom stew. Maybe tomorrow i’ll try to do a small “finish in one go” project to get a nice instant gratification craft glow on a Monday no less. :slight_smile:


Oh this is nice.

I’m so sorry

Cute llamas. Your lunches look good.

These are cool. I like the addition of lace.

Pretty colors!

I worked more in my art journal and also started a notebook of quotes I like. Using it as a way to practice my lettering.

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I finished the last two rows of an afghan that’s been in progress for a couple of years!
Better pics and a real project post tomorrow. For now it’s bedtime.


That’s a nice pop of colour!

That fabric is adorable.

@MistressJennie I look forward to seeing the entire afghan.

For my day 2/29 I added several rows to my shawl. I’m one row from finishing the pattern but it’s no where near as large as it’s supposed to be nor as the picture shows so I’m going to keep going until it’s proper.


Keep on going…a few rows here and there will get it done…!


@Lynx2Lancer I love the colors you picked for your fabric wreath!

@geekgirl The textures in your art journal are lovely.

@Edel Taco + cocktail = fabulous! Definitely an act of creation! I also laughed out loud at the typo.
The quilt top is lovely.

@jemimah I’m so soothed by the palette of your folder journal, it puts me in a nice clear headspace.

@MistressJennie Cute earrings! You rock for getting all the stuff done! And wow that afghan is a stunner.

@megwell I’m going to have to pick up sweet potatoes this week for those burgers.

@Magpie Ooo are those petals? Wings? I’m always fascinated to see stumpwork in progress, I’ve never tried it.

@calluna I admire the processing feelings through creativity that you’re doing. That’s some hard stuff that’s so worth it. Sending you some healing thoughts.

@AntBee Way to go for chugging along on a big project! Breaking it down into segments makes it seem much more doable.

@AIMR I’m happy to see you making beauty for yourself! I also find myself thinking back to things I’ve sent away for swaps. Maybe I should revisit some. And that valance looks very well done!

@Homerof2 My partner is the same way about the salad and I’m the one who always makes it! And good job working on your big project.

@poetrylover828 What a cool looking pattern! Taking that long to finish a project just gives you more satisfaction when it’s done. :wink:

@WileESongDog Glad to see you here! Your pompoms look like the perfect Doctor Seuss tree tops.
I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. I know you will keep the love you shared in your heart, and for now be gentle with yourself.

@seeuudee Welcome! Brilliant use of those nice pictures. And I love when folks post the whole masterboard along with the cut up parts - it’s inspiring!

@GMPNQ Nice cherry block! The jumper sounds like a big project, but fun.

@Bajita Super cute pouches! They look very neat. And nice job on the meal prep. :slight_smile:


Gosh there are a lot of us! I’m sure I won’t be able to keep up commenting on y’all’s projects, so if I like your comment just know that I’m proud of your work and I’m so happy you’re here with us. :purple_heart:

Aside from making a rather nice sandwich, I started a larger project today that’s been in my mind for a while. I took apart a thrift store shadowbox that was filled with beans, cleaned it up, reglued a few bits, and began on one section. This will be a memory box filled with all the bits I can’t help picking up when I’m out hiking, each one representing a different area.


I think it is cool to repurpose something to make it more relevant…you will have fun filling in the shadowbox with stuff that has more meaning for you…can’t wait for more progress shots of this…

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I just realized I had forgotten to post yesterday. But I worked a little on my shawl again. It’s so big that it takes me forever to finish a row (probably at least 20 minutes if I just did the whole thing) so I don’t usually do a whole row anymore. I lose steam too easily when crocheting to do it for too long.


I understand the feeling. I’m working on a shawl too and one row seems to take forever.


Feb 3rd thing…I actually finished it around 2 am this morning…I have to clean house today as our property manager is coming over tomorrow…don’t want her to freak out seeing my crafting space! :smile:


I can tell this is going to be a hard thread to keep up with!

@AcadianDriftwood - What a great thrift shop find! But now I’m curious as to why its previous owner would fill a shadow box with beans - I’m sure there’s a story there.

I have my Things from days 1 & 2 to share.

I also cast on for a sock yesterday. I’ll have to spend some time pondering what sort of progress I’ll need to get through in a day on that project to count it as one of my “make a thing” things.