Extra Ridiculous, Faux Victorian, Lightly Gothic, So Purple-y, Valentine-ish Throw Pillow Cover

Almost a year ago I stitched up this pattern by Night Spirit Studio and gathered all the materials to make it into a pillow. Yesterday, I made the pillow.


All the pillow cover materials are from stash: upholstery velvet, synthetic raw silk, chenille ric rac, zipper.


I cut the ruffle on the bias so I could leave it with a raw edge. I am comfortable with the fraying it will do, in fact I will like it when it does, and it made the ruffle less stiff.


The back is just the velvet and the zipper is disguised by the ruffle on the bottom of the pillow.


I am glad I got this done in time for some “romantic” February decorating, but does romance ever really have a season? :rofl: And skeletons are timeless; I wear mine every dang day. :skull: :calendar:

I’m also glad I finally tackled a round pillow. I have two forms and now I fill a little better sewing for them when the right projects come up.

EDIT: The pillow form has a 16" diameter when measured from seam to seam. Measured straight across it’s about 17" across, including the ruffle.


How romantic!
Love that purple.

Are those boxers on the blanket? Meta!

I love it. Yay for a finish!

Also, um, CHENILLE RICRAC?!? Love!!

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Thanks, friends!

Yes and YES!

Right? I picked up a pack of, like, 6 colors of this giant ric rac at Tuesday Morning YEARS ago.

Hahaha…love the over the top frills combined with the skellies. Construction is spot on of course. :smile:

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I love you. :purple_heart: :infinity: :skull_and_crossbones:

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Thank you, pals!

So freakin’ cute and romantic!

Very cool cross-stitch, and amazing purple pillow!

Ooooo this is super awesome!!

How fabulous is this???!

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Love this so much! The color, the way the fabric looks so soft, and luxurious. The cross stitch still blows me mind. It is super cool and would kill me eyes to make. I applaud you!

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Thanks so much, y’all!

Love this! It is so fancy and fun!

Thank you!

This is such a good idea to create a cross stitch pillow, and a fun one to boot. I also concur: chenille ric rac! I have never seen it before!

Thanks! I think pretty much all of my cross stitch projects end up as pillows!

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OMG that is fantastic. The stitching looks great to me! & chenille ric rac? Get right outta town!

:rofl: :rofl: Thanks! The “sexy scene” distracts from the inconsistencies in the quilt squares!

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