Tombstone ATC Swap Gallery

Post your goodies here!


This will be a fun gallery!

Just got this gorgeousness from @TheMistressT


I’m glad it arrived not completely flattened! I hope it suits your “cemetery”!

That is fabulous. It is hauntingly beautiful.

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love the color choices - the little flowers - very cool

I got mine from irid3sc3nt - it’s so cool, have it on my tier tray with Binx who lives there and is glad of another cat to join him. love it - now to keep it away from my naughty kitten Bean who already grabbed it once.


That cat is so great!
I received from @goatgoddesss! Can we just say, AMAZING! Thank you so much!

It came in this cool box.


@irid3sc3nt I’m particularly tickled by the swoop of orange and black of those stems!

@goatgoddesss It lights up! It’s an Artists Techno Card! So cool.

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The cards are so awesome so far! Clair Voyance! I love it! The orange and black stems set off that cat card perfectly! A light up card is next level!

so glad you like it kittykill - I did lean hard on the 3-D part. its one of those little paintable wooden tombstones from Michaels, I took off the lid and cut off one end which was exciting with our over large saw and added paperclay - the best part the light was already there.

Adding to the gallery greatness: I received my tombstone from @irid3sc3nt yesterday!

(The purple is more of a blue purple; my phone is making it look redder.)

I don’t really have a strong Halloween aesthetic, which became painfully clear when I tried to fill out my q :laughing: . But irid3sc3nt totally nailed it despite my info being all over the place. Thank you, Carissa!


I also received from @irid3sc3nt . I love it! It is so me!!!


those are both so nice - those little pops of color - very good.

These are some amazing little works of art!! Wow!

I received a couple of these today myself!! Behold the works of @audity!

And a close up!

They have cool pearlescent touches that really amp them up! And I really like the black and white accents on them, too! Thank you, I love them!!


I love the little dots around the edge! Gives it a 3-D effect.

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I received from TheMistressT!! It’s perfect…“No Regrets” :laughing:
(I had to say it out loud a couple of times before I got it)

thank you so much!!


I’m so glad it finally got there and that you like it!

Seeing all these great pieces reminds me of why I get nervous about swapping. SO MUCH GREATNESS!

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oh more goodies to enjoy! @audity how cool - love the skully guy, nicely done.
@TheMistressT - that is so wicked :grin: the flowers and everything.

@irid3sc3nt You’ve really used those old pics to a great advantage on these!

@audity You really nailed the background integrating with the details just so!

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