Traveling Tea Wallets

For the Little Good Things swap, I created a couple of tea wallets to cheer up my tea-drinking partners. Their questionnaires led me in two directions, water with blues and greens and trees. Perfect themes.

First is an ocean theme with a cresting wave, it’s subtle, but the bits of foam help define it. You can store tea inside, or empty it and use it as a small mug rug.

The second is a white oak tree and a few leaves, I was going to attach the leaves, but then it didn’t really work out, so I tucked them inside. My partner will put them to good use. Again, you can store tea inside, or empty it and use it as a small mug rug.


These are awesome! I love the colours and the quotes and everything!

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All the care and detail in these wallets will surely add to the comfort and ritual of a nice cuppa.

These are gorgeous, and I can’t decide which one I like better since they both speak to me! And, tea wallets are such a wonderful idea, and I love that they can double as a mug rug. I’m starting a list of mini stash buster projects, and I need to add tea wallets to the list. Thanks for the inspiration!

I love these so much!!!

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They are so nice! I love a good traveling tea wallet.

These are both stunning little works of art, that are sure to bring their recipients joy in their travels.

These are both stunning and beautiful! And the texture!!! :heart_eyes: I love the Tolkien quote, the leaves, and both designs. They are wonderful and I’m sure your partners felt spoiled

They are both so gorgeous. Like mini works of art, I’d be tempted to hang them up!

Gorgeous tea wallets!

Lovely! It would be a pleasure to see this in my purse, even when I wasn’t ready for a soothing cup!

These are some of the prettiest tea wallets I’ve ever seen!!

Beautiful, functional art! These are stunning. The quotes you chose for them are wonderful, too.

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These are gorgeous little functional pieces of art. Brilliant!

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How cute are these! Great job!

Wow! Those are really amazing works of art. :heartpulse:

I love these! Functional and creative. And lovely. And those little leaves? Beautiful!

I saved this post to come back to for my own!

Not only are the tea wallets amazing, so is tour photography!


Clever and so well done! What a fun and lovely way to carry tea.

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