Underpants Pennant Bunting

Over the years I have made TheMisterT many, many pairs of boxer shorts. Therefore I have many, many remnants and scraps of novelty prints used to sew said underpants.


Because I’ve already made things with many of these scraps, some were pretty small, so I decided to just make randomly sized pennants and then arrange them randomly. There are 25, but I can think of 5 10 11 13 pairs of boxers off the top of my head that I’ve made that I didn’t find scraps for in my stash.


The overall length is 12.25 feet (373+ cm), 11.33’ (~91.5 cm) of pennants.


I also used up all but 30" of the extra-wide double fold black bias tape in my stash.

ADDENDUM: I forgot to mention that while I had thought of using these fabrics for a bunting I was overwhelmed by the scope of the project… until I saw @photojenn 's Stripy Scrappy Bunting and she shared this link to a tutorial for making quick, turned triangles.

EDIT: TheMisterT had to go into the IRL office for a few hours, so I did a test run on hanging this - including putting a few small wire nails into a beam and painting them brown :rofl: :rofl: - and whlie I was taking it down I saw this image of Delia on one of her beds with the pennants from the underpants she helped make!

The bunting in situ!



This is amazing! Too too funny.

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What a fun way to memorialize the Mister’s underpants collection without actually displaying said underpants! ha ha Great prints…we can all say we saw his “underwear” now… :rofl: :joy:


This is great! Underwear remnant pennants! I LOVE the novelty fabrics. Fun!

I imagined little pairs of underwear on a bunting when I read the title. Maybe I’ll have to make that for funzies. :slight_smile:


Love this!

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So wonderful! Where will you hang it?

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I’ve seen your individual boxer posts over the years, but seeing all the different fabrics together in one place is something else! This is so cool.


Is everybody else trying to recognize their favorite undies fabrics from the past?

Cool project!


THANKS everyone! I have now thought of 11 pairs that I didn’t have scraps for! That man has had quite the run of custom undies! I have fabrics for two more pairs ready to go, even!

Oh! He has a milestone birthday coming up, so I’m going to string it around the house for that. We won’t be celebrating with all the peeps until 3.5 weeks after his actual birthday.


He always likes to point out when something else is made from his underpants scraps to the person who received it - gift bag, placemats, napkins, whatever it is!

I’ve had quite a trip down memory lane with this project!


This is too funny. Ah nuts! Full of beans, lol.


This is brilliant! What a delightful, and secretly hilarious, way to use up those scraps.


I love you.

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Me too! I was totally expecting tighty-whities.


Thanks so much, everyone!

This is soo fun and funny! Love it!

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Such a fun project. Love that you made boxes covered in so many fun prints. My inner 12yr old kept snickering about the peanut pair.


Maybe because I haven’t eaten lunch yet I definitely read this as Underpants Peanut Butter at first :laughing:

Very cool though!


Adding my thumbs up - hilarious and ingenious. I also thought it might be a Y-front bunting.

Plus the comments are priceless!

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Fun and funny to think he has all those amazing boxers. I like how you overlapped the bunting too.


Thanks so much everyone!

That was a last minute change to save me from having a realllllly long bunting, but I really dig it. I think it makes the randomly sized pennants look better together.