Vintage Halloween Swap 2020 Gallery

This is adorable.

I’m so glad you like her!!! I need another small hoop so I can make one for me! Lol

Here are the pictures (finally!) Of what KarenLouiseM sent me! Truly, everything is amazing!
First, this super witchy double sided necklace

And this wonderful banner!

But then she made me this AMAZING Halloween advent calendar!

Then, if that weren’t already the most amazing and time consuming project ever, she also mad me this house set up…

… That when Halloween is over can be set up into this!!!

Sorry little sideways angel!

Isn’t she amazing??!!?? I am just blown away by her thoughtfulness and creativity. Thank you so much!


Wow, that little house is amazing! Actually the entire package is stunning!! :open_mouth:

You don’t need that! Just send it to me. :joy: :crazy_face:


I am so sad I missed this swap :sob: All of these things are AMAZING!! So cool! I hope another Halloween swap opens, you guys killed it! :money_mouth_face:

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Wooo, somebody had the Halloween spirit totally take them over. That is an amazing package and what wonderful goodies. And a multipurpose house! All the details and cards are wonderful.

that is truly Halloween in a box! Great job everyone!

Wow! I love all of those items. Wonderful.

Wow, that’s awesome! I want one!
Hmm, I have a wooden box…

Oh, FYI - there are two cards that go with that with no number. One sits next to the word October (which sits on top of the box) and one is in case you have it up early or late, just replaces a number card. Funny how you have that stuff in your head and forget it’s not magically conveyed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Such great packages!! @KarenLouiseM where do you find all the great Halloween bits and papers??

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Yes! I saw those! Thank you for letting me know. I just thought they were cute lol. And you can bet I will be making/swapping things for the house for other holidays. Such an awesome, awesome swap gift. Thank you!!!

I am an avid thrift store/yard sale gal. I get lots of little vintage bits that way and then hoard them for crafts where I know they will be appreciated :wink:. Those are my fave things to use and they are tough to find around here. So, I have to use new stuff too. My “go to” for new bits is Tim Holtz, every year he releases lines of Halloween & Holiday goodies and I always have to get some (his videos showing new lines have examples and they always make me want everything!). As far as paper, I’ve stocked up when I’m lucky enough to be in a town with a scrapbook store (even if you’re not a scrapbooker, trust me!). The lines I love and tend to buy a lot of are Graphic 45 and Authentique. Because I can’t really draw, :grinning: I need cool papers to cover things. Between Covid and no local stores, my stash is getting seriously low!!

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I am a yard sale junkie!! Drives my hubby bananas.

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I do miss going to thrift stores. But they are dirty and gross in the best of times, so I’m going anywhere near a Goodwill or Salvation Army until this virus blows over.


Yard sales, thrift stores and especially estate sales. Also antique stores. I love them all!


I received from @SonjaBoo today. She spoiled me. :heart::heart:

All the things.

A little skelly head ornament.

A teeny tiny domino accordian book. I love artist books.

And this precious vintage looking couple as shrines. I love the details and colors and personality she captured.

The box was sprinkled with extras too… stickers and toys, cute bags, an eyeball pin, a tales from the crypt pendant, and more. Thank you so much for swapping with me.


Those shrines! WOW!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
that is a fantastic package!

Those shrines are adorable!

What an awesome package!