Visors 2022

I have a dozen hats, but they’re hot or too weird or too something, so I decided to try making a visor.
Beige would go with everything, right?
Made from a 1/4 yard of fabric I got at a thrift store for a buck, elasticized back. Nice wide elastic was cut from a bed pad that didn’t need it. Of course I saved it!

That was fun, let’s try another!
Made from a favorite pair of Hawaiian capris that I was never going to wear again…

it doesn’t wrinkle like that when I wear it. Fastens with a short fat tie.

Here’s one made from a purse that I made last year and didn’t like…
flat for easy packing:

shaped by its long skinny tie:

And one more that matches my husband’s “travel” shirt.

I looked at a couple of different online patterns, then drafted my own pattern. I used a darker color on the underside of each brim because I have some vague idea that it reduces glare.

The first one has a sheet of nasty, cheap, stiff craft felt (pack of a bunch from the dollar store) as a brim stiffener; I’m not sure how it will hold up in the wash. If it works out, that might be the best use for this felt. I used craft foam for the rest of the brims. I suspect they’ll float.

The first two have wide top bands; I think I prefer the narrow bands on the other 2.
Now that I’ve figured it all out, they take about 40 minutes each.


These are such a great way to use small stash pieces! I also find hats difficult, but unfortunately also visors, because now I know I could be making them. I hope you’ll share these in the 2022 De-stash Along!


These came out great! The stiff felt/foam really worked for the brims. Love the re-use of materials, too.

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I love them all! What a great idea to make visors… Now you can make one to match each of your fabulously-refashioned shirts!

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