Weekend ATC Blitz Challenge #5! And catch-up thread!

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We might be staying in and socially isolating but that shouldn’t stop us from being creative! This will be a fun 3 day challenge to create a pile of ATC’s and share the visual bounty with each other. We will be doing a challenge every weekend until the end of April!

The Rules

-ATC’s must be original and official size 3 1/2" x 2 1/2"
-ATC’s must not have been posted before
-All ATC’s that you create for this challenge must be posted in this thread (post them as you make them!)
-To be eligible for the prize you must create at least one ATC in each of the 6 themes and more is obviously better! Because we will have 6 Blitzs in all, any previous winners will not be included in the random draw-spreading the collage :heart: around!

This challenge will start Friday April 24 at noon MST and end on Sunday, April 26 at midnight MST

There will be 6 themes posted today, once you make your ATC(s) post in this thread, please note you can catch up on themes at anytime before the Blitz ends. All mediums are welcome!

A random draw from all artists who have posted at least one ATC in each of the 6 themes will be made each Monday night for a letter size envelope of collage goodies! Due to circumstances I will try and mail when I can, winners might have to wait a bit if my post office closes
Artists who have made a separate post of their 6/6 (or more) ATC’s with an ATC tag and ATC Blitz #5 in the title by drawtime Monday night will get an extra entry!

Please keep track of completed themes when you post by putting this at the top of each ATC you post:
Themes 1/6 -when you’ve completed one of the themes
Themes 2/6 -when you’ve completed two of the themes and so on
**note that this is not the theme number but IS the number of ATCs you have finished and posted. I will look at the end of the weekend for all 6/6 posts for the draw and will not be keeping track in any other way, thanks :slight_smile:

Blitz # 5

  1. Myths
  2. Bubbles
  3. Positive Vibes
  4. Monochromatic (one colour)
  5. Under the Sea
  6. Houses
    Blitz # 4
  7. Fairy tales
  8. Put a Bird on it!
  9. Vices
  10. Zodiac/Horoscopes
  11. Relax (what is relaxing for you right now?)
  12. Sew Awesome! Include stitching in some way
    Blitz # 3
  13. Circus
  14. Cats
  15. Babushka Dolls ( also known as matryoshka or nesting dolls)
  16. Music
  17. Shimmer
  18. Mushrooms
    Blitz # 2
  19. Chevrons
  20. Fortune cookie fortunes-real or made up
  21. Add a hat!
  22. The Earth
  23. Snarky
  24. In the Garden
    Blitz # 1
  25. Rainbow :rainbow: - make a rainbow or anything else with the colours of the rainbow!!
  26. Put a Word on it - 1 word, a quote, use a book page as background
  27. Astronomy - Planets, stars, moons, galaxies etc. pick one or pick them all!
  28. Hearts!! :hearts: :purple_heart: :sparkling_heart: :heart: :orange_heart:
  29. Maps - real or imaginary maps
  30. Ephemera - Stamps, vintage labels/tags/weirdness, random paper stuff you find in your house…get creative!
  31. Spring Fever - whatever spring thing you are most excited about! (flowers or birds or green or bunnies or new leaves or…)
  32. There’s no Place like HOME - we may be seeing a little more than we like of our homes so lets look at our safe space with fresh eyes…what do you love about your home/being home?

Its Friday again and time for another In Isolation ATC Blitz!


I’m going to attempt to do some of these (and the prompts work perfectly with the theme I picked out earlier this week), but I have a family emergency and most likely won’t be able to complete them all in time.

Going to try more this weekend

Fun themes!

I missed last week and will do it still, just after this one! Or maybe at the same time. Either way, these are really fun!


@Magpie :sweat_smile:
(Bubbles was Tisha’s code name when she secretly sent a package to EVERYONE in a past swap!)


I might only be able to get 4 done this round. My overall theme is “fish!” I can think of how 4 will fit easily, but 2 are escaping me right now.

Here’s the masterboard I made knowing that I needed something “watery” for my fish theme :slight_smile:


I went for silly and fast fun this weekend. No watercolours this time. I did them as a set so I’m posting them all!

1/6 myths (this one wasn’t my original idea, I saw a cartoon that made me laugh)

2/6 bubbles

3/6 positive vibes

4/6 monochromatic

5/6 under the sea

6/6 houses (hope a dog house counts!)

(I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey lately…)


@jemimah speedy! love your matching ATCs. is that origami paper in some of the ATCs?

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Yes! It’s been in my stash for years.

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That was also my name when I was a Beaver leader! But first it was the name of a very scary clown I got from the old place. He is terrifying and I love him

Looking forward to see all your cards, y’all!

Huzzah for stash busting! :smiley:

1/6 Myths

Whoo hoo…we can upload pics :slight_smile:
It was hard to get a decent picture (lightning never strikes the same place twice).


2/6 Bubbles


Beautiful masterboard @craftADDchick! Looking forward to seeing your fishy creations :fish: :fish: :fish:

Gorgeous cards @loves2experiment! Love the moody colours and the lightning looks cool!


@jemimah I love all your mythical monsters!!! Very fun and clever!!

Perhaps they could also find a home on the 2020 Monster Jam - April Craftalong!

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Great cards, @jemimah and @loves2experiment. I especially love the humor and the lightning.

I had decided on an “Under the Sea” theme because as soon as I saw that prompt I went down a Little Mermaid road. But I can already feel the drive to do all six slipping away, so these may be the only ones I get to this weekend.

1/6, Myth (“The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake.”)

2/6, Positive Vibes (officially, but also Bubbles)