"Where are you from?" Zine—Longer and better version

I finally finished it!

Back in March, I made a quick little zine about where I’m from and all the places I’ve lived. The intention had been to eventually make a more detailed and more artful one eventually. And I even got started shortly after making the smaller one… I worked on the pages little by little, then had to set them aside for quite a while… but yesterday I finished the last page, and today I took some time to come to the downtown library, photocopy the pages, and make them into the final zine! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! The only thing that’s missing is that I want to get a long-arm stapler so I can staple the pages down the middle rather than on the outside, but I worked with the resources I had tonight.

Here’s the zine!!

I made all the pages by hand first. Here is a closer look at some of the original pages.

I ended up scrapping the page with the X on it in favour of the watercolour and collage.

Here’s a look at all the original pages together:

Media used:

This zine is mixed media, and not all pages use the same media. I used coloured pencils, markers, collage, watercolour, and acrylic, as well as stamps.

How I put it all together

OK, so this was the hardest part because I have extreme difficulty with spatial-visual skills. So the first thing I did was paper clip all the pages together in the order I wanted them in the final zine. I knew I wanted to cut the pages horizontally and fold them vertically, so I looked at the pages I had paper clipped together, divided 3 full size sheets into quarters, and numbered them according to how I had arranged the originals. So there would be a total of 6 printed pages at the end (3 sheets).

First I arranged the original pages on the photocopier according to how I had numbered the full sheets. But I forgot to account of the fact that the photocopier does a mirror image, so the first page was a fail. But from there I was able to print them all correctly.

Unfortunately, because I couldn’t reuse the same page to reprint on the back (can’t really go rifling through the library’s printer trays…), I had to photocopy the front and back pages separately, and then photocopy 1-sided to 2-sided, which meant the final product was a photocopy of a photocopy. This made the final art not nearly as vibrant in colour s the original. As this zine is just for me anyway, I didn’t worry about it.

I’m happy with the results, but I’ll be happier once I can staple the zine down the middle.

Also, maybe next time I may attempt taking a photo of each page and arranging them in an MS Word document, then printing originals from there (at the library, because my printer would do an even worse job of the colours, lol)

Thanks again for looking!


So fun!
Making a zine is absolutely on my todo list! :smiley:

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Love this! I don’t think I’ve been quite the number of places you have been but this resonates with my military brat soul. Answering where I’m from is not a short answer.


Such a cool project! This is goig to br such a cool heirloom to pass down, too!

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A lovely way to record the story of your life!

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Wow, you really got into this!! It’s colorful and vibrant and full of heart. It’s perfect.

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