Whimsyween 2020 ATCs 2: There Will Be Cheese Hair

I ended up completing a total of eight ATCs for the Draw’tober Craft(art)-a-long based on the Whimsyween prompt list. This post has the first set; the rest are here.

Miss Rita Ellen CheeseBoard (offlist)

Miss Katherine Lynn Cupcake

Miss Valerie Fawn HouseWife. I knew I wanted to do at least one with an animal. I started with the deer without having an idea of which character she’d be, but when I remembered one had Fawn in the name…

And finally, Miss Charmaine Von DaySpa. I had to be sure to squeeze this one in because this was one of the names that originally drew me to this list.

This was a super fun project and got me crafting more consistently than I might have otherwise. Thanks for looking!


All of these are so fun!

I really like the colors and background on Miss Valerie Fawn Housewife! These all came out fun and entertaining!

these are so fun! I love Miss Charmaine Von Day Spa the best

Fabulous and so fun!

Thanks, all!

I don’t know if I have a favorite character, but that washi tape towel turban is one of my proudest achievements in this whole thing. Rita might be my favorite overall card.

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Haha! Valerie Fawn!!