Whimsyween 2020 ATCs

When PrincessP started the Draw’tober Craft(art)-a-long, I had no real plans to participate (because I don’t draw, because I wasn’t looking for a daily commitment, etc.) But I couldn’t get some of the names from the Whimsyween prompt list out of my head – and everyone was building their own version of the program anyway – so here we are :laughing:.

These are all collaged from magazine cutouts, bits of packaging, washi tape, gel pen, Sharpie, etc. I’ve been altering the faces a) because I enjoy the bizarreness of it but also b) because I feel weird using photos of real people that aren’t stock photos and want to disguise their likenesses. (Side note: If you’re a lurker here and recognize yourself, uh, sorry.)

Miss Penelope Kim Picnic

Miss Barbara Millicent Groceries, who almost single-handedly got me into this

Miss Gracie Lou RealLady

Miss Bunny Marguerite Groceries, who wasn’t on the prompt list but was the estranged sister I knew Barbara Millicent needed

I’m taking a break, because I’m still not looking for a daily thing, but I’ll probably do more. If you haven’t checked out the Draw’tober thread, definitely do; it’s a blast. Thanks for looking!


So funny!!