Winter 2023 Book Swap Gallery

Post your goodies here!


Parcel has arrived from @Myrthena and it is such a fantastic box of goodies

First up, the whole package, before anything was unwrapped, including intriguing messages :smiley:

A lovely card

And a cute notebook

Chocolate - which may have already been tested, for science purposes of course

A stunning resin piece, which I could not get a really good photo of - it is so much prettier in real life

A decorated wooden book, with a Zox band (along with the accompanying card) to hold it closed

Inside the wooden book was The Letter for the King by Tonke Dragt. Myrthena and I have swapped books before and last time she sent me another of her books, which I really enjoyed, so I am really looking forward to reading this

She also included a second book, which is very special to me, as it belonged to @Roots. Not an author I have heard of, but the description looks really good

And last, the most amazing handmade book of one of Tonke Dragt’s short stories, which is not available in an English translation, so Myrthena translated it for me!!

Included in the book are two gorgeous pieces of artwork

Thank you @Myrthena for the loveliest of parcels. It was a lovely way to end to a rather stressy day at work.


That’s an amazing package! I love all the details, and wowza, a hand-translated book of stories!!! :open_mouth:


That’s a great package! Does the resin have a flower in it? The hand-translated book is a very thoughtful gift, love it. I like that you two had been partners before and were able to keep going with an author you enjoy.


What a special package! I love that she translated stories for you.


Yes, I believe so. It looks like one of those that you often get in dried flower displays, but afraid I don’t know its name


@Myrthena Your package is amazing. The notebook is very cool, and I love the butterfly closure. Chocolates from around the World? Yes, please! American chocolate tends to be extra sugary so I always think of other chocolate as fancy. The resin piece is beautiful! Did you make a separate post for it? I would love to see more images of it! The wooden box is lovely. I have a wood burning tool, but I am too scared to use it. You did an amazing job. And the book from @roots is so special and sweet. That is so amazing that you would give away such a cherished gift so that others can enjoy it. Truly selfless and sweet. And you translated a book? Talk about going the extra mile! That’s insane in the best way possible! Love the artwork as well. It’s bold and expressive.


I didn’t make a seperate post for the resin piece. It’s a dried grain. I do not know the name in English. It has been dried and then coloured and once again dried.
The wooden box is designed with the computer and i do not do it by hand (sorry if you thought so, i do have a burning tool for a name fi on my feel good candleholders i make in the lab) but i’m going to Fablab, which is an open workplace in a technical school. It opens its doors every thursday evening for the public and you pay for the time you use the big machines like lasers, 3D- printers. All the other material is free.
So i prepare all my files at home and then i can start lasering and printing. If i had to do it by hand, i couldn’t it would take to much force of my wrist and i do make a lot of wooden lasered pieces .


Wow! That sounds like a cool place!


Wow! What an awesome package! The wood book is so cool.


@kittykill Sent me this wonderful box! I absolutely love everything! Thank you so very much!:hugs:

Box with everything:

My husband gives these chocolates his stamp of approval. Lol I haven’t had any yet. I was waiting until i took the pictures so I wouldn’t be taking empty packages lol

The picture isn’t doing this tea tin any justice. It’s really pretty. There are multiple choices of tea inside. I can’t wait to have a cup!

This nifty tumbler with the lid and straw is so great and I was just thinking I needed to get a new one! Like she just read my mind! Lol

This adorable tea towel! I saw that cat on there books and just fell in love! It’s just so cute! Embroidery is beautifully done and just all tied up with a bow. Lovely!

Annnnd last but certainly not least… my wonderful scrumptious book and beautiful bookmarks! I squealed when i saw what book she gave me. I can’t wait to read it!


Such a fantastic box of goodies, and the book looks good :smiley:


Yeah! I am so glad that you like everything. When I saw that pattern for the towel I knew I had to make it for you.


Wow! Amazing package!!! That towel is especially cute and the book sounds intriguing.


Great package! The embroidered kitty is cute.
@kittykill Where did you find the pattern?
Oh, and what does the tumbler say?


It says, " Reading Makes You Bloom"


I got a most excellent package from @Bunny1kenobi with a whole pile of goodies!

There’s a whole set of books in there! She sent me the Dark is Rising series which is new to me but a friend told me today she has really fond memories of (and has already put herself on the list for borrowing :laughing:)

She also sent yummy gummies and prickly pear flavored chocolate that I am most intrigued by.

She crafted for me a next book decision making jar. How clever is that!?! I write the titles on the little paper slips and pick one out, most excellent for my decision fatigue!

And some bonus pics of my swap box inspector. It passed!


And what is that inspectors name?

Wowza @Bunny1kenobi a whole series? The jar is cool and a fun way to keep track of all the books that catch your eye, and the ones you read!


I’m glad you like your package, @chameleonhound!

They made a movie based on the second book of the series and I remember wishing they would have continued with the next stories, but I guess it didn’t do well enough at the box office. :confused:

I enjoyed the reading of the first and second books, but haven’t read the rest of the series yet. I’m intrigued by them and may have to buy them for myself, as well!


His name is Ford, and he has a lot of useful opinions on how much time we should be snuggled on the couch with a book.

My friend told me this series has a devoted following who reads it every year at a particular time of year! I’m definitely intrigued! I’ve actually almost finished the first one, haha, it is quite enjoyable. :slight_smile: The children characters remind me a bit of the children in Marguerite Henry’s books that I read at a similar age.