Winter Books Swap 2021 Swap Gallery

Post your goodies here!


Oooh! Can’t wait to see all the goodies !

First to receive! First to receive!

I was lucky to be paired with our very own hostess, @kittykill for this swap. So, so lucky!

I was spoiled well… Prepare to board the envy train :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

CHOCOLATE! Pam decorated the box so neatly, I thought it was a special edition at first. I’ll definitely be saving it and repurposing it for holiday use.

Next up was not one, but FIVE books!! Someone had noted this author as very hygge, so I wanted to check out her work :heart: And some great bookmarks to keep my place, which won’t fall out, and won’t damage the book, so appreciated. And yummy hot chocolate! We will be traveling in our little RV and it will be so nice to heat up a cup of comforting chocolate to keep me a bit warmer, and curl up with one of these books.

I love the darling stickers, the gorgeous watercolor tag and extra bookmark… I can’t wait to make use of these, those stickers will be a sweet way to seal an envie or decorate paper crafts for my fellow book lovers.

Finally… The hoops (TWO!! ohmigosh) are phenomenal. My favorite Miracle Max quote :grin: and such a lovely cozy book scene. Pam’s stitching never ceases to amaze me. I’m working on clearing a spot on my wall to form a collection with my larger Positive Affirmation hoop from her - I think they will make such a lovely impact as a group.

Wow, I feel so lucky that Pam chose to partner with me. Thank you!! Thank you so much. :heart:


Yeah! I am so glad everything got to you safe and you like it. I had so much fun decorating the box. Let me know how the books are, I am curious. After the hygge swap, I knew that I had to stitch that little lady up for you. She just screams hygge!


That is one of my favorite quotes too! Love the hoops!


Your embroidery is so precious. :blush:


Lovely embroidery and the box! Gorgeous!

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I said no extras but our lovely @kittykill sent a few little ones. I got spoiled in the perfect way!

First, she sent me 2 ebooks:

Definitely excited to tuck into these! Right up my alley, both of them!

A sweetly decorated box of chocolates… I’m definitely copying this idea!!

Cocoa, stickers, a bookmark, and the coolest string-closure envelope the world has ever known…

And, of course, we are talking about Kittykill, so there’s embroidery involved! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: She sent this Christmas towel and I LOVE IT! :heart::heart::heart:

Thank you for such a lovely package! I hope you like yours as much as I like mine! :relaxed:


I received from @gozer today. :heart:

First to arrive was this book that came recommended for some internal stuff… you know the kind… :grin:

Some very yummy looking treats that I will be hiding from my family. :laughing:

And… these adorable crafted note cards with the stamps she carved to make them with. I love them. They have a very Scandinavian quality about them (my family is significantly Norwegian and Swedish). I was just frustrated that I couldn’t find my blank note cards for including in swaps, I had to purchase the one I sent in your package. These will come in handy. :laughing:

Thank you very much. It was a pleasure to swap with you again. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Those stamps are amazing! Love them.


The Christmas Tree of books is awesome!!

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The stamps are lovely!

Yeah! So glad it got to you safe. I had so much fun decorating the boxes.

Oh! Hot chocolate bombs! Let me know how they taste! That stamp is just beautiful!

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I received from @Cyn-energy and she spoiled me!
First off cozy fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm, awesome bookmarks and a super cute kindle/tablet stand.

Close up of the tablet stand and the bookmarks

Some yummy chocolate, which my husband stole and I stole back. A very cool pen holder to go over my journal. I am always losing pens so this is perfect!

Two books I have been wanting forever! I can’t wait to dive into them!

Fun fabric bags for future use. I love the fabric.

Thank you so much @Cyn-energy! You are such a sweetie!


I am taking note of those books. It’s funny, I was just googling Norwegian Christmas traditions when I popped over to check on any updates here. lol.It is a lovely looking package.


OMG fabulous packages!!! I love the Hygge girl drinking cocoa and the Christmas tree from books! The hand carved stamps are amazing and I love the note cards made using them! The tablet holder is such a cool idea!

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I received from @Bunny1kenobi. So much goodness!
First off this adorable mailbox filled with goodies. Chocolate covered cinnamon bears and dark chocolate truffles. Fun vintage Christmas rickrack and groovy floating candles.

Next a beautiful journal that goes along with the book she got me. Such a clever idea!

Last, the book she got me. I can not wait to read it! I have wanted this book for a long time.

Thank you so much! I love everything!


OMG Love the idea of the journal!

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I received today as well
2 awesome books I will really enjoy and my Lily’s chocolate - the hazelnut has become a new fav mmmmmm

Then @irid3sc3nt made this wonderful altered altoid tin!

A private reading nook and shelf this is so detailed and wonderful!


@kittykill I’m glad you enjoy all your goodies! I loved that book, so when I saw it on your list it seemed like fate! I really enjoyed crafting for you.

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