Woodburnt Gourd Claws

This link is a 17 minute video burning one of the claws.

(After I made that video, and before starting the last five, I cut up a piece of cardboard to wrap around my leg. That made burning the pieces next to my leg a lot safer).

Someday maybe I’ll have the will and mind to explain this design, but it’s a design I’ve been making since 1997 - 2000, and wasn’t until around 2005 until I started burning them onto gourds. So my nieces are very aware of these, heh, and I’m hoping to have enough of them for all the grand…nieces and nephews, kids, and any other kids that might want one. (Which, I need to count them all out. Pshew! Over 31 years ago, there were only five of us, now there’s…so…many…of…us, :rofl:).

Next three done.

This time I tried something different, and used my dremel to drill into the burnt part to make lightened dots on the middle claw.

I am done. Agsgwadv (Cherokee). Lilajes (Tzotzil).

Each one is unique, for each unique kid, :smile:


They are really interesting & unique Charles. Great family heirloom.

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Cool. Make me think of leaping salmon.

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It’s so cool how you get so much variation with your repeated design!

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I love these! They really have a feel of Native American art about them. So cool! Thanks for posting the video as well. It was interesting to see how you did the wood burning.


These are really cool! Love the wood burned design. I never would have guessed these were made from gourd!

Wow! Those are gorgeous and so unique! Bold designs with delicate detailing.

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Thanks for sharing the video, it gives a great perspective of how small these are.

But seriously, Charles, I almost held my breath the entire video thinking you’d slip and burn your leg. You kept mentioning how close your fingers were, all I thought was, what about your leg :smiley:

The one in your video reminds me of teepees and the rising sun.

I hadn’t realised how small they are. Love the work

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Heh! At one point I mentioned how “luckily I’m not doing it over my numb thigh”. I might have wound up craving a chuck roast, :rofl:.

Seriously, I have tried many different ways to make it a little more safer, but unfortunately, it’s just so much easier, faster, and a lot less error prone doing it that way. At least for me, :no_mouth: :smile:


These are just beautiful.

Very cool!

:black_heart: Congratulations! This spectacular project is featured this week! :black_heart:

These are really unique and I love that each of the designs is unique as well! I like the effect you created with the dremel, those little dots really stand out against the dark surface. It was really thoughtful of you to make one for all of the nieces/nephews/kids!

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This is silly enough to work, heh.

it’s a bit windy, so I taped a catfood bag to the small table I have so I can move the gourd pieces out of the wind to spray the glaze on them. At the same time not spraying the table. :no_mouth:

Ok! They really needed to be hung up. At least they didn’t stick too much to the bag.

Anyway, they are all glazed.


They look amazing with the added polish!

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These are beautiful; I love the unique designs on each. I especially like the ones with the dots.

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Ok! I think this waxy cord will work for the bails. When pulled through a loop, it makes a pretty tight fit.