Wrought iron mini chandelier...NOT hot glue

I thought the hot glue chandelier was too modern and too feminine. I made four others, with slightly differing designs, but wasn’t happy.

So this one was born…

1:12 scale, about 4" high, it’s made of a mix of materials. There’s cotton lace, copper chain, bright aluminum wire, jewelry findings, glass beads, and paper clay for the candles.

Pix along the way:
the base; lace hand stitched with gross black thread and stiffened with glue, wires and beads and chain

candleholders made of screw necklace clasps, beads, bead cap. the sticky-uppy wires will support the candles.

and unified with flat black paint. It’s really all black, the light is hitting it oddly.

I’m debating electrifying it. I have LED string lights and a plastic straw to use for candles. But the scene is Zorro sneaking around, so I think the candles have all been blown out.


This one is so much more substantial and elaborate…love how the stiffened lace does look like ornate metal…wonderful job and so cute!


Wow, this looks great! Glad you posted the progress pics-the transformation is amazing!


This is so cool, I love that you shared the before picture. Great job with the whole item. And about the lights, as you said, he’s sneaking around, better leave them off XD


I love these!

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They look like stitches. I don’t hate it.

I love assemblage, and this was a fun take.

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I just meant it would have looked better with white thread. I knew it was getting painted, so grabbed the first threaded needle that came to hand. It looks like frankenlace.

Hmm, I never thought about it as assemblage…

Oh yeah, your sry comment just made me laugh, and I just thought it looked like stitches.

All the bits make such a surprising, complete solution!

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This is amazing!!! I love this so much!! :astonished::heart:

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