Zine for All Saints Day activity

Our homeschooling group is having an All Saints Day celebration tomorrow (actual day is Nov 1st), and we were asked to bring an activity.

I was inspired by the recent zine swap to create a “Saints zine” activity. I’ll teach the kids how to fold one that they can take home and decorate with info and art about their favourite saint. I’ll also bring some pre-folded ones.

I created my own as an example for the kids, and I’ll also make copies they can take home.


What a cool project for this gathering!

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I love it! And so will the kids, I’m sure. What a great idea!

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What a great idea to combine crafting, learning and celebrating with other homeschooling families.

One of the patron saints of my city is St. Catherine, who is the patron saint of wool spinners (the textile industry was big here). Other craft-related saints are St. Anne, who is the patron saint of seamstresses, and St. Clare of Assisi, who is the patron saint of needleworkers.


Lovely! I love that you’re introducing them to making zines! They’ll probably be so excited to make a ton at home afterward!

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Neat idea! The kids will enjoy this!

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