Last minute All Saints Day costumes

I procrastinated until the day before the homeschool group All Saints Day celebration and threw these together with my felt sheet stash and hot glue…

Not my best work, but not too bad for something I threw together at the last minute lol

From left to right, St. Bernadette, St. Elizabeth Anne Seton, and St. Nicholas.

The hoodies don’t really go with the costumes, but… it was better than no costumes at all, I guess…

St. Bernadette was just one of my scarves and a cut up old pillowcase.

St. Elizabeth Anne Seton was three pieces of black felt. (2 for the bonnet and one for the jacket)

St. Nicholas was 2 pieces of beige felt and 2 pieces of red felt.

And I set up a table to teach the older kids how to make a “Saint zine:

I wrote out instructions on how to fold the zine as well as a sheet of ideas for how to decorate it, so the kids could take them home.

The butter knives are the poor person’s bone folder… they work well and almost everyone already has them :slight_smile: just use the back of the butter knife to get super sharp creases.

Several kids came over to learn how to fold one. Most took theirs home to decorate, but 2 kids started decorating theirs at the table.

P.s. that’s a creative way to spell squeeze :laughing:


Cute costumes (love the shoulder drape with the crosses for St Nicholas!) and a fun activity. Bet the kids all loved it.

My son went to a Catholic school and I remember making a costume for All Saints Day. Don’t recall who the saint was, but there was a yarn beard and a cut-up bedsheet robe with a rope belt. Fun times!


Yay for last minute success!

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Nice job! Last minute costumes are always a challenge but you made it happen! :grin: