Zombie Make-up - Fashion 2020 Q4 Contest Entry

Since we are in half of a lock down (getting more strict upcoming weekend) there are no halloween walks or anything here (We don’t really do trick or treating in Belgium)
So I really wanted to dress up for the halloween zoommeeting, but being as buzy as I was, I choose this. It took me less than an hour, probably more like half an hour but I had to search some boxes as we moved recently.
I used the following:

  • Mixture of baby powder and vaseline => shot wound
  • White craft glue and tissue paper => loose skin
  • Foundation (make-up) to blend the above with your own skin
  • Eye shadows, skin paint
  • Brushes
  • Hair dryer to dry the white craft glue faster
  • I didn’t have fake blood so I went with the next best thing being lip gloss :smiley:

Loose skin (tissue and glue) Note to self: Don’t put lip gloss to close to your eyes…

Shot wound (with the vaseline baby powder mix)

I also stained an old shirt from my bf and cut it to look like I got attacked.

Last year our salsa teacher (the dance, not the sauce) was going to enter a quiz with her colleagues. Not believing in their brains, they wanted to win the prize for best costume.
She saw some things I did before and asked if I wanted to help. They really wanted witches, but zombies are just cooler :smiley:
So I did their make-up.
And here are the results:
(I cropped out the faces for privacy reasons, image white people with black eyes and green/red spots)

the placement of the fake blood could have been better but we were running out of time so slapping it on it was!

They even played a creepy intro music when entering the room where the quiz was being held.
Aaaannnnddd… They won :smiley:


Your make up was fabulous in the Zoom!

wow…that bullet hole is amazing…definitely creeped me out!

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Thank you! It’s easy to do, just don’t get the mixture in your hair :smiley:

Ewwww. It’s so gross and awesome!!! I have to remember these techniques if I ever convince my kid to do a zombified costume. Love it!!!

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Love the bullethole

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The bullet hole made me shiver! Great job!

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So creepy!

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I love how you turned everyday items into this awesome zombie look!

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You did a fabulous job on this!

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Thank you everyone!
I’m glad it looks a bit real :smiley:
I sent my brother and mum a picture and my brother said he was startled when he opened the message :D.

You should!! It’s such fun to play with! Think about how scary a zombie child would be! I would run!!

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