2024 DeStash Along

Amazing work! I am very jealous of all the wide open spaces you have.

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Your workshop looks fantastic!

Thank you friends for all your kind comments :sparkling_heart: I am so grateful for all of you and all the inspiration I have received from LC, over the years it has really helped me to push my creativity, and to make time and space for art and creative stuff.

Do you mean the 3 natural linen ones with the blue trim and decoration? They are super sturdy, I think they are simply squares sewn into a box, but beautifully made with solid interfacing, lining, and a patchwork binding on the top edge. They were made for me by the lovely and talented @Averia, a while back :smile:

Also featured are (top) the gorgeous batik fabric basket from the clever and delightful @anna.wahnsinn, (middle and bottom) the elegant dark navy Japanese fabric baskets from the brilliant and sweet @PrincessP, and the awesome tools and notions chicken made by the fabulous and generous @MightyMitochondria :smile: All wonderful and beautifully made!

Over the years I have gathered such a lovely collection of baskets, pouches, project bags, mug rugs, and other items from my creative friends. They’re not all in this photo or this room, but they’re all loved and used.

I’ve also set up my art in here with several little easels so I can easily swap out from my 4x6 art collection often. It’s like I’m crafting with friends all the time. I’ve been doing this for a while in our living space, but I found some more little easels recently. I don’t keep a lot of knickknacks out on display (I tend to rotate a few at a time), but I love having mini galleries everywhere!


Not a big destash but I sold a weaving book today. One of my goals is to thin out my weaving library but the task is daunting (mainly needing to price, photograph, and list like 100 books).


I remember those baskets, so happy to see them still in use!


So nice to see you Averia! :blue_heart:

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Slowly getting back on the craft train after hurting my wrist in January.

Finished a snuffle mat for my pup. I love it because it used up a WIP that was going nowhere, and a bunch of fleece fabric I had in stash with no plans.

I ran out of fleece to fill in the whole mesh body, but will continue when I can pick up some offcuts.


Cool! Izzy looks properly appreciative. Glad you’re able to do some crafting!


They are - they’ve been with me through a couple of house moves, they are great! Fantastic to see you Laura!


Cool idea! I hope your wrist is feeling much better :sparkling_heart:

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A couple more books sold this morning. I’ve got a good number of weaving books that are out of print/hard to find so if I can sell some of them it will be a good chunk of money (one sold for $70 this morning).


Nice! The temptation then is to spend it on more craft supplies.


I’m going to put it towards a beginning acrylic class I want to take in the spring (that of course I’ll need supplies for :joy:)


Haha…I was going to say classes are a great way to scratch the creative itch without adding to supplies/stash, but you proved that wrong! :laughing:

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lol I think that would be true for a lot of online classes but I want to take an in person class at the local arts center and will need things like specific colors of acrylics, canvas panels/surfaces, etc.

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Make that 4 books and some yarn yesterday! That makes 5 books this week. I’m really happy with how fast everything is selling (within a few hours) so that’s making me feel like it’s worth the effort. Since I’ll be out of town next week I’m planning to wait until after I get back to list anything else.

I’m feeling pretty pleased with my progress so far this year even though I still have a long way to go. This thread has been motivating.


I am going to have to seriously destash for our big move. The transport goes by weight and fabrics are heavy…I have four months to keep what I really love and WANT to make, not HAVE to make…

@jemimah … I hope to have my new room look as beautiful and functional as yours!


Oh, I do not envy you the next few months! Moving is so much work and destashing will likely double it, at the least!


Thank you my friend! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ve been doing hours of sewing since I cleared it out, and I enjoy being in the room now, so much.

I know the move is going to be a lot of work for you, (wish I could come visit and give you a hand!) - but I’m hoping you get a huge boost to your energy and peace from having a space that is truly focussed on projects you love and enjoy :sparkling_heart:


I am embarking on a more focused destash-by-making of my fabric stash over the next few-to-several weeks! I started with a big hot pad that will live on our mudroom chest freezer today. The most satisfying part is the franken-Insulbrite. I used 30% of the Insulbrite scraps!


And only had whisps of cutoff pieces when I squared it up.