2024 DeStash Along

This month I ended up with more yarn than I started with - my grandma gave me a bunch of yarn! I meant to start a project for her using some of it, but got distracted making mushrooms. :laughing: Next month!


This baby blanket was made completely from stash!

Mushrooms! I used up some yarn that’s been in my stash for a long time.

ATCs used up a little bit of paper - two pictures are blurred because they’re still in the mail (spoilers for gozer and bluebird):


Gorgeous projects!!

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June Themes


Color: Orange
Pattern: Geometric
For: Outside
Challenge 1: Use a supply in an unexpected way.
Challenge 2: Craft in public


I’ve really made some progress over the last week. I’ve finished two quilts, a third is almost finished. 2/3 are scrap quilts, too. I’ve started sewing a scrappy binding for a fourth that I hope to finish soon.

I went through my cross stitch and embroidery UFOs and decided I was never going to finish one of them. I salvaged the thread (I salvage all good quality leftover embroidery thread, which is why I have most colours in my stash) and the half-finished piece itself is on the way to Canada.

I’m working on another large cross stitch project now. I started it in college and it was meant for my future baby’s nursery walls. For a long time it got me down, but not anymore, so when it’s done I’ll put it in my own room instead.

I’m also collecting all my Christmas WIPs in one basket for the upcoming Christmas in July challenge in the Christmas Craftalong!


I am not ready to start Christmas crafting yet. :flushed: I feel like I somehow just got done with that.

I busted 500g of cotton yarn that’s been in my stash for a few years. Bonus, now it’s a cute sweater!


That’s a great cardigan, looks really comfy and versatile!


Thank you!

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I used up a spool of sewing thread! Not a big thing, but I’ve got so many different colours of thread, and this was an odd shade of green. I currently have two boxes of machine sewing thread, filled to the brim and I’d like to see that reduced to one. One is similar to this one, 40 SPOOL THREAD ORGANISER | Thread organisers | Work boxes and storage | Equipment but twice as many spools in it than it should have, plus there’s a plastic ice cream container that holds even more. It would be different if all the shades were different but a lot of them are similar. I think at least half of them were inherited or otherwise passed on to me, I only buy new when I really have to.


I managed to pass on a carrier bagful of yarn to my Mum’s friend. Then got told off by her husband as they are trying to declutter!! Ooops!!


I have now completed four sundresses completely from stash.
It has been up to 110° this week, so they are getting a lot of use!


I finally listed my loom for sale. Here’s hoping it sells soon and I can reclaim some space!