2024 Stitchalong

Awesome! Yay @Jennalou! :smile:


Oh wow, thank you so much!! What an awesome surprise! :heart:


Congrats Jenn!

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This was my only WIP in my embroidery pile, so I decided to finish it before I packed up my supplies. It was a free pattern from DMC. I stopped working on it because of all the backstitching.

I ripped out the parts I had already done (the bird, star, some of the leaves) and just left the deer and tree. I added another tree and a lot of snowflakes and snow. I’ll probably back it with cardboard and make it something I can put up on my mantel. It went from about 11x8 to 8x6.


Nice! Way to make it work for you instead of the other way around. :fist:


I like that! Clever to unpick the bits you know you hate doing and replace them with something else. Was it hard to stitch on red fabric?

I like that the design is both traditional but also not really that Christmassy at all.

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It was a smaller count than I am used to…32 count? So the stitches were quite tiny. But, it really wasn’t difficult as much as boring since you couldn’t tell what the other motifs were until they were backstitched.

I also have some dark green and dark blue that I am looking forward to stitching before Christmas!