Black + Rainbow BOM Quilt (aka, the 37 Month Quilt)

This quilt was a long time in the making. I started the first blocks in the 2021 Quiltalong, using black and scraps of bright rainbow colors. I didn’t have a real plan or layout in mind, but I did plan to make all 12 Blocks of the Month, and turn them into a lap quilt at the end of THAT year.

Sawtooth Star, January 2021 BOM

But over the course of the year, some things changed; since not all of the BOM’s were the same size, I realized I needed to either resize some blocks or make a few different ones. I also realized that I had rainbow scraps in some colors, but not others, so I filled in here and there with random fat quarters.

Bento Box Block made for fun in 2021

Double Quartet made for fun in 2021

Heart Patchwork, February 2021 BOM, designed by @Edel

All Hallows Block made for fun in 2021

Annie’s Choice, made for fun in 2021

Noon and Light, made for fun in 2021

Since I enjoyed trying new blocks, I went a bit rogue, and just started trying random patterns. Sometimes people liked them and nominated them for later BOM’s. When that happened, I started remaking those blocks I had already created in Halloween fabrics, and continued through 2022, making blocks for both quilts, whenever I could. That meant I now had two growing piles of blocks without an endgame in mind.

Brown Goose (resized to 12"), March 2021 BOM

Lucky Clover Block, made for fun in 2021

Card Trick, April 2021 BOM

Churn Dash, made for fun in 2021

Pat’s Star, June 2021 BOM

Royal Star, March 2022 BOM

Then in late 2022, we decided to move from TN to IL. I tried to finish off as many WIPs as possible, but didn’t get to these. The blocks got packed up and put away for almost 9 months. During that time, I missed quilting terribly, and even with most of my supplies in storage in another state, I itched to quilt. So I started yet another set of BOM’s in a third style, out of a new fat quarter bundle! Now things were getting out of hand. I seriously needed to make some quilts with all of these blocks!

I decided to get all my WIP quilts done in the first quarter of this year. I started piecing the tops of two other quilts, when I bumped into these nearly forgotten blocks! I laid out what I had, removed a few that just didn’t fit in with the rest, and made three new blocks to even out my colors.

Cups & Saucers, made in 2024

Rainy Day, July 2023 BOM, made in 2024

Mosaic, August 2023 BOM, made in 2024

Finally it was time for sashing, cornerstones, and borders. I used more solid black for the sashing, and picked out the cornerstones from my stash of 2.5" squares. That’s when I also bumped into a huge pile of Leaders & Enders that I had made back in 2021. (Leaders & Enders are a way to keep your threads from tangling when you start sewing. But if you make them intentionally, you can turn them into blocks or a quilt later.) I had over a 100 pairs, in various scraps, already.

Leaders & Enders made from random scraps over the course of a few years.

I ironed and laid out what I had, trying to make a nice color wash around the whole thing. Though I had tons of L&E’s, there were certain colors that I didn’t have already made, so I pulled out some more 2.5" squares, and cut a few specific colors, to make about 40 more. The pieced border took 3 days to get put together (I can really only quilt during Ada’s nap time), but I’m so, so glad that I did it. I love how it looks, and how it really frames the quilt top.

The whole thing comes to 70" square. With the vibrant colors, it seemed like a perfect addition to our guest room, aka The Abbeeroad Room. When I went to lay it out on the bed, Ada decided she wanted to climb up and play a game of ‘Nap’ with her owl, from @AntBee. Now I’m contemplating making a throw pillow or bolster for the bed to go with it… Someone please remind me to finish the other two WIP’s first!


Completely spectacular. This is the most gorgeous quilt, your guest room will be so nice, nobody will ever want to leave!


That turned out so amazing! Those colors POP on the black and the border and the way you arranged everything making it all feel very intentional and thought out. Beautiful!


WOW! This looks so good! I love your color choices on each of the blocks and the colorful border is the perfect finishing touch! You did such a good job with the gradation of colors along the border. What a beautiful addition to your guest room!


Absolutely beautiful! It’s the perfect addition to your guest room. I’d love to stay in that B&B! :heart_eyes:


Gorgeous! Each block is so cool, but that border really sets it off. I love the rainbow and black combo. Stunning quilt that will impress all your guests.
And Ada is a cutie. Wow, she has grown!


I love how you scattered a few little squares in the first border and then, bang, the beautifully put together last border…everything came together so beautifully!

That can’t be Ada…how does one go from tiny baby to small child so quickly…oh my…and what a cutie she is with her owl! Did you plan on her shirt being rainbow to match? ha


This is so beautiful!


Not only is it a beautiful blanket, it really looks so sharp in that room with the wall color as a backdrop. And look at that cutie girl! So big!


Just simply love this. Wow.


Love it! The colors are sooooo XXXtra good on the black!


Yo Momma, I’m loving the mixture of different patterns.

Like the coined phrase “same thing but different”.


Beautiful!!! :blue_heart: :green_heart: :yellow_heart: :orange_heart: :purple_heart:

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Wow! Spectaculair quilt! Love it. And Ada with her owl is so cute :orange_heart:


Hmm…didn’t you call this the Abbeeroad room for a while?? :thinking: :laughing:

The quilt fits perfectly in the space and is just wonderful. I love, love that scrappy border and the bright colors against the black. Just stunning, my friend.


I still totally think about it as/call it the Abbeeroad Room. I can’t believe I missed noting it in this post!


Well, if the quilt is in the Abbeeroad room, it has to be special!


So pretty!!!


Come on, lady, this is too amazeballs. You finished it, yay!