Heart patchwork block, pattern and tutorial

This is my first attempt at drafting a patchwork block. I am fully aware that I might be re-inventing the wheel from a half remembered one that I have seen online. As it is my first attempt it is far from perfect, but it should measure 12.5" on each side.

I have included two options here, they are both basically the same except for the 3.5"corner blocks. In the more complex version (on the left above) they are modified log cabin piecing, in the simpler version they are simply 3.5" squares of a contrasting colour.
All dimensions are in inches. Seam allowance is 1/4"
Cut from background fabric
4 of 6.5 X 3.5 rectangles
4 of 1.5 X 1.5 squares
1 of 4 X 4 square

Heart fabric
2 of 3.5 x 3.5
1 of 4 X 4

For the simpler variation,
4 of 3.5 x 3.5 in a contrasting colour.

For the complex version, with log cabin corners

4 of 3.5 x 3.5 fabric to act as foundation for the log cabin corners, this will not be seen, so you can use scraps.
4 of 1.5 x 1.5 squares (either background fabric or an accent)
strips of 1.5 (this is best cut out of the background fabric, so that the triangles float)
8 right angled triangles of sides 2.5 (these should be a contrast colour, either all different if you are using scraps, or 4 of one fabric and 4 of another.

Step 1
Start by making a half square triangle (HST)
Use 1 square of background fabric 4 X 4 + 1 square of heart fabric 4. X 4

If you don’t know how, this link will tell you
How to Make Easy Half Square Triangle Units for Quilts (thesprucecrafts.com)

This will give you two HST, trim these to 3.5 x 3.5 when pressed (thanks to Mistress Jennie for this suggestion) these will be joined to make the bottom part of the heart.

Step 2
Taking one of the 3.5 x 3.5 squares of heart fabric, and two of the 1.5 x 1.5 background fabrics. Place the squares on adjacent corner and sew as shown below.

Clip off the excess and press open.

Make two of these

Step 3
Use all four elements that you have made and join them into a heart.

Step 4

Sew on a 3.5 x 6.5 strip to the top and bottom of the heart.

Step 5 (for log cabin corners go to alternate step 5 below)

Sew one 3.5 x 3.5 contrast corner block (** or do the more complex variation below) to each end of the two remaining 3.5 X 6.5 strips, press and sew to the sides of the main block.

Last step !
Press it well and square it up. Ignore any points that don’t meet, this is for fun and because we enjoy the process, it’s not rocket science. If you had fun making it, then it is perfect.

If it doesn’t quite reach 12.5 on all sides (because you are a wonky sewist like me, then sew on a border of another contrasting fabric on all sides and trim back to 12.5 (this covers a multitude of sins)

Alternate step 5

**Log cabin corner blocks,

Step 5.1
Using the 3.5 x 3.5 square as a foundation, lay your 1.5 x 1.5 block in the corner, using 1.5 strips, do two sides of a log cabin as shown below. I used the background fabric for this as I wanted the triangles to float. If you need a refresher on how to do these log cabin quarters, check out this
Scrappy Quarter Log Cabin - Aunt Ems Quilts

Step 5.2 (Are some of the pictures below upsidedown or are you standing on your head?)
lay down one of the contrast triangles on the diagonal, sew and flip.

Step 5.3
with your 1.5 strips do two more log cabin strips, finishing with a final triangle sewn on the diagonal as before.

Step 5.4
These are little (but cute!) accent blocks, they can have quite a bit of fabric in the corner, so you can trim off some of the fabric underneath.

Make 4 of these and continue by adding them to the two remaining 3.5 x 6.5 strips and sew to the heart block as detailed above.


Honestly, this is why I don’t quilt!
But I’m impressed by your ingenuity.


Tbh, without the photos it is just word salad!


That is much better!

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Nicely done! I will test it out as I love hearts in quilting!

I swear I had the same pink floral sheets you used…


I love me some pink!

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I love the look, but boy it seems like a lot of work! Ha! It turned out very pretty.

Can’t wait to try it!

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I’m looking forward to creating this block! Your instructions and pictures seem like they’ll be pretty easy to understand once I have the fabrics in front of me.


Thank you for putting this together! I’m so excited to work this as our February BOM in the quiltalong!

I adore paper piecing and your photos make it really easy for someone to process! Great job, Edel!!

I’m playing around with this, and I think there might be a typo somewhere. At step 4, you say to sew a 3.5"x6.5" strip to the top and bottom of the heart, but there are no 3.5x6.5" strips listed in your cutting list. Though there are 3.5"x4.5" pieces listed. Unless I’m missing where the 4.5" sized pieces go…

You are right, good catch honey. It should be 6.5 not 4.5


Glad someone is testing this…I rarely cut out my fabrics in advance when making one block so I probably would have just cut a piece to fit the bottom and top! Yes, good catch! I really like this block and the ones people are suggesting! It will be a fun quilt!

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I think there’s one other problem with the block tutorial & cutting sizes. In Step 1 you have us make half square triangle blocks with 3.5" squares. When you make the HST’s from that, you end up with 2 blocks that are 3 1/8", and when you sew them together to form the bottom of the heart, that row measure 5 3/4" wide.

Then get in Step 2, you make the tops of the heart, which are also 3.5" squares. So when they are sewn together, the top of heart strip is 6 1/2" wide; 3/4" wider than the upper row.

I think to fix this, you need to make the HST’s from larger (probably 4") blocks, then trim them down to be 3.5" finished, so they will fit with the bottom, and the rest of the block overall. At least that’s what I did when I recut & remade that portion of my block.


Thanks for that, I’ve adjusted the pattern. It’s really helpful to have someone like you to test it!


Thank you for going through and finding areas that needed corrections! I’m really excited to work on this block next month!


Thanks for the tute, I’m going to try it just as soon as I excavate the desk! lol

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OK! I wanted to make a heart with 2 patterns, one of which I didn’t think I could align well with that side-to-side seam so I thought up a little cheat!

2 little corner pieces:

I am using the wrong side of the fabric on purpose:

Stitch & trim:

Press using the no-wiggle method as described by the just get it done quilts lady

Place right sides together and align the stitch line, sew down the middle:

Open, press, trim and voila! Only one division line!

Follow the rest of the steps as usual:


I am going to have to try this!