Challenge chain, for fun and to get us out of our corona slump

I’ll take pocket! I have a couple I saved from my leggings to tank top project!

My challenge is:
kindness: What does kindness mean to you? Make something kind for yourself or for someone else.


I’ll take kindness!

My challenge is holiday! This should be an easy one! Now that September is here and we are all looking forward to cool weather (unless you’re down under :wink:), and all sorts of holidays are around the corner, go for it!!


I’ll take holiday, by making the U.S. holiday this Monday my deadline. And I’ll see if I can finish the effin birds-inspired holiday cards I’ve had in the works!

And for another challenge: less doing, more being. As a guideline (adapt as you want): for every 30 minutes of crafting, 5 minutes of stepping away for meditation, stillness, mindful breathing, or physical exercise. Make anything you want during the spans of craftiness.


I will take @calluna challenge of mindfulness, mostly because I am spinning out today and I need to be still, I need to be. So I am going to make some jewellery (the post man delivered some lovely beads) and set a timer for a break every 30 minutes.

my challenge is make something for someone else it can be anything, a cake, a card, happy mail, whatever inspires you.

Alternatively if you are looking for a challenge and feeling curmudgeonly, make something featuring the colour green


I claim both “for someone else” and “green”, although I may not get to it until we get the school-provided chromebook so I can use my computer while my kid is in e-class.

My challenge is FIRE SEASON (something for fires, those living with fires, to do with fire…)

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I will take @thanate challenge of Fire Season. It might take me 3-4 days. I want to do a watercolor, but need white paint from Michaels.

My challenge is POETRY. I have been reading a lot of my old poetry books during this time and have found them helpful. Maybe something that incorporates a poem or something inspired by a poem.

Good suggestion. We are struggling with wildfires here.

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I’ll take poetry! I’m going to crack open one of my poetry books and craft something based on whatever poem tickles my fancy. Type of craft: undecided. Time limit: To be started this weekend at least.

New challenge:

Fluffy underwater television

That’s one of the weirder lines of fridge poetry I’ve produced, but if that’s too peculiar an alternative prompt is In/on the fridge.


I will take fluffy underwater television! When else will I ever see those words together? :laughing: I’ll make an ATC by the end of this weekend.

New challenge: Halloween! (Or the usual surrounding celebrations and motifs)


I will take Halloween! - too easy and so broad!

New Challenge: Squirrels It is time to squirrel away for the winter.

Oh, I lost track of this challenge! So I submit this litle Boo House for the Halloween claim from September.

oh man…I totally did not have notifications for this thread and totally forgot to post finished challenges…or didn’t do them! Going back now and making amends!

Are we seriously stalled at squirrels @marionberries? lol

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I think we’re stalled b/c everyone has either moved on to other stuff or has one or two things they claimed but never got around to doing. :woman_shrugging:

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Clean slate! How about a new thread for 2021? That way nobody feels guilty about whatever got eaten by 2020 :roll_eyes:


I’m in.

Okey dokey! I asked Edel about a new thread for 2021 and since it is currently her bed time she suggested I get it started (and that anybody may run with this theme in future years if they ever feel inclined).

Here is the new challenge topic
Here is the new discussion/gallery thread

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Good idea! But, I still have plans to finish my outstanding claim… but now I don’t have to feel guilty about it. :slight_smile:

I totally would have claimed squirrels because I have a partially finished needle felted squirrel to work on! Maybe it will make another appearance :slight_smile:

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Bah ha ha! So do I! I am sure it is the same squirrel too, haha.

It absolutely is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I might need you to photograph Rob’s so I can use it as a reference! :wink: