Challenge chain, for fun and to get us out of our corona slump

I claim both “for someone else” and “green”, although I may not get to it until we get the school-provided chromebook so I can use my computer while my kid is in e-class.

My challenge is FIRE SEASON (something for fires, those living with fires, to do with fire…)

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I will take @thanate challenge of Fire Season. It might take me 3-4 days. I want to do a watercolor, but need white paint from Michaels.

My challenge is POETRY. I have been reading a lot of my old poetry books during this time and have found them helpful. Maybe something that incorporates a poem or something inspired by a poem.

Good suggestion. We are struggling with wildfires here.

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I’ll take poetry! I’m going to crack open one of my poetry books and craft something based on whatever poem tickles my fancy. Type of craft: undecided. Time limit: To be started this weekend at least.

New challenge:

Fluffy underwater television

That’s one of the weirder lines of fridge poetry I’ve produced, but if that’s too peculiar an alternative prompt is In/on the fridge.


I will take fluffy underwater television! When else will I ever see those words together? :laughing: I’ll make an ATC by the end of this weekend.

New challenge: Halloween! (Or the usual surrounding celebrations and motifs)


I will take Halloween! - too easy and so broad!

New Challenge: Squirrels It is time to squirrel away for the winter.