CLOSED: Harry Potter Craftalong - Midsummer 2021

A new Hermione’s Book Club prompt has been posted!

:sparkles: :owl: :scroll: Note from the Headmistress… :scroll: :owl: :sparkles:

A few quick things. First off a reminder that this term of the HPC will end on September 30th, at midnight Headmistress Time (Central Standard Time). Please make sure to get any outstanding projects posted before then!

Second, we are looking for a few good witches and wizards to serve in various positions of the HPC for next term. I’m currently in need of professors for:

History of Magic
Study of Ancient Runes

The only job the professors are responsible for is writing the craft prompt for that subject. After that, you’re free for the rest of the term. I only ask that prompts be broad enough for many different crafters to find many different ways and mediums to fulfill it in. Also, if you volunteer to be a prof, I will add you to our private thread, where you will be able to see the other prompts your fellow profs have already written, so we don’t have two of the same theme, like ‘craft something blue’ for two different subjects. That’s it. Easy peasy.

Meanwhile we are also looking for a Head of House for Hufflepuff, if any available Puffs are up for it. If not, that position can remain empty for the Term.

If you’re interested in joining our staff, please send me a PM!

Project dump on the way (I was always slow at submitting homework!!)

House Ravenclaw

Class: Alchemy
Project: this is an origami bag and I used this fabulous dragon fabric that I have had in my stash for about a million years.

Class Apparition
Project, I made this necklace with all the sparkles, they are translucent and look like sweeties, but they are fun to wear.

Class- Charms
Project, storage unit recon. This was a very dark storage unit that was in the house when I bought it, Very 80s and not my style, but so big that it stores so much stuff, so I had to keep it. I had to paint it a couple of times to get the colour right, and then I added the wallpaer to the backs of the shelves and the stencils on the fronts of the doors. And as a final bit of bling, some gold leaf on the bees.
Thread is here Drinks cabinet transformed into storage in my room of requirements - #2 by Magpie

Project- table runner -getting in really early with my crafting for christmas this year, but mostly because I found this great santa in spaceship fabric, I made a padded table runner. this fits the prompt because it is long and serpentine. I made it padded so it can take hot dishes at the table.

Class DADA
Project- Suncatchers. I missed the class with @MistressJennie but she agreed to do a private zoom with me and talk me through these. I love making them, I made a bunch of these suncatchers in different themes.
Thread is here Sun catchers from Mistress Jennie's class

Class Divination
Project, Junk Journal my friend loves art journalling and so I made her this junk journal as a gift. It is a few random papers and the cover is made of a cereal box, collaged with some ephemera.

Class Flying
Project, 12 zippered pouches These were made for my breast cancer support group (we are called the invincibles) I tiedyed the fabric, and screenprinted the logo, then made the pouches.

Class Herbology
Project Sunday scones We have a semi-regular tradition of sunday afternoon scones here. It is a grey and rainy day and so we needed some comfort and cheer. I used this recipe Scones Recipe | Odlums and made two different types. To the sweet one, I added 1tblsp brown sugar, 1tblsp glace cherries and 3 tblsp of dark chocolatae chips. To the other ones, I added 1 cup grated strong cheddar.
Photo these are all that are left, they were delicious!

Project earrings a quick and simple one. But made of three beads each. I love the middle bead, it’s really futuristic.


And I promise to be more involved next semester. The house move/renovation took all of my energy this semester, but things are much better now.

Also @Abbeeroad can I add an advanced studies project. My current one is a steampunk costume for my friends wedding, but due to Covid the wedding has to be postponed a couple of times. It’s now scheduled for next year.

Can I add a medieval russian costume, which needs to be done for this year.

House: ravenclaw
Project Name: medieval russian outfit
Project. This will comprise of two t-tunics that I will pattern and add braid. They loved their bling. Possibly a third layer-a cote. A fine linen veil. Close fitting cap and a headdress that is embellished with pearls and temple rings.

As always, amazing things coming from your craft room! For the table runner, did you follow any pattern or just whip it up off the cuff (which I assume is the case being skilled in the fabric arts as you are.) I am endeavoring to bust through my hesitations on learning to sew and a runner would be a good place to start (plus I have more of that toad fabric which would be fun with the chair seats.)

I just sewed strips together without any pattern, when it was long enough I cut a piece of fabric to match the back (and I added some padding, but it is really not necessary) I used safety pins to pin the layers together and did a few long rows of stitching to hold it all together, and then bound the edges with a different fabric. (but you could make the underneath fabric about 1=2" larger all around and then pull it up and over to finish the edges.

that toad fabric would make a brilliant runner

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I’m happy to write prompts for any unclaimed classes :grin: when do you need em by?

@Edel I love the storage unit - it’s v.similar to ok i had pinned but decided i cba to make (in the middle of house painting, building furniture & hauling all possessions a few hundred miles… maybe at some point in the future. Especially if you ever want to visit and help do it for me?)

It’s a date :wink: great to see you again. You can always pop over and help me paint the rest of the furniture!

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It’s been too long my friend :kissing_closed_eyes:

House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Birthday Cake Cardigan
Brief Description:
I was going to get a better picture, but frankly that’s not going to happen before the end of term (it would require unheard of levels of looking like a human being). I’m super happy with the colours, tho I could have used more of the turquoise… at least I have enough left over to make something cute with.
I used a free pattern and that has been a huge lesson in the value of decent pattern designers*. I had to rewrite huge chunks on the fly, and working bottom-up which I’m much less familiar with… hence some of the collar shaping is a bit clunky. But it’s not so bad as to bother me and I’m really pleased with how I managed the shoulder/yoke shaping

*some free patterns are great. This was not one of those ones.

Here I am at the Pankhurst’s house (I’m more of a Fawcett fan, but since this is like 10 mins up the road and they do great work with womens aid I wanted to support. Plus Sylvia was badass, more than makes up for the issues I have with her family!)


Class: alchemy
House: hufflepuff
Project: book corner labels
I hand drew these templates for my class to use to make small area labels for our book corner. I love how they customise them and add their own touches!

Finished labels

Class: charms
House: Hufflepuff
Project; Yarndale notes
I try not to buy more than 1 or 2 projects ahead of what I’m knitting, since usually I change my mind about what I want to do. This takes superhuman willpower, especially when in yarn-topias such as the yarn festival I visited this weekend . Instead, I collect cards, making notes as I walk round so that a few months down the line, when I’m actually ready to knit that project, I can go back to where I got the inspo. I organised the cards into my knitty knotebook and added comments (mostly the cards flip up to show my comments about what i liked, what they sell, and specific products I might want to come back to etc) - ended up with 5 pages like these 2 :relaxed:


Edel- Wow! Your cabinet is superb, what a piece of art!
Noodle- Congrats on finishing your cardigan! It is gorgeous!

@Edel - your Medieval Russian Outfit has replaced your Steampunk Outfit in the AS Project Log! You can repropose your Steampunk dress when your friends’ wedding is back on. :crossed_fingers: Can’t wait to see updates on your new AS in the meantime.

@Noodle - AMAZING! You look so fantastic. I LOVE it! Go you! You’ve just earned 100 points for your house. :tada: :tada:

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You look fabulous @Noodle I love the cardi and I admire your yarny restraint. The notebook is a really good idea.

Thanks @Abbeeroad

:sparkles: :owl: :scroll: Note from the Headmistress…

Since we are so close to a new Term starting, I am going to forego posting a new Book Club prompt today. You’ll get a new one soon enough when the new Term starts on Friday!


Class or Challenge Title: Detention: Stash Challenge
House: Slytherin
Project Name & Page Link: Wish Me Chevrons Hat
Brief Description: I needed a quick project, so I raided my yarn stash looking for something that’s been languishing. The fiber for this yarn was purchased ten years ago, and spun up almost 2 years ago. The pattern called for nearly all of it, so I figured I would get it out of my stash - yay! Nope, still have about 120 yards left. Got a cute hat, though.
Project Picture:


Finished Project dump!!

Class or Challenge Title: Iron Chef Sept
House: Slytherin :snake:
Project Name & Page Link: Honey Apple Bars - Grandbaby Cakes
Brief Description: tried a new recipe while I was craving some kind of apple bake. Did not turn out the way the recipe calls for. It ended up being more of a cobbler than a tray bake that could be cut into bars. it was good, but it def did not need the caramel. I would make this again with a few adjustments. more apple filling, no bottom layer of dough.
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: Arithmancy
House: Slytherin :snake:
Project Name & Page Link: Jeanne Baby Socks (Ravelry link)
Brief Description: Used leftover yarn from the Beloved Bonnet to make matching baby socks!
Project Picture:
(See resubmission of matching bonnet here)

Class or Challenge Title: DADA
House: Slytherin :snake:
Project Name & Page Link: Powder and Dust shawl (Ravelry project page link)
Brief Description: a super simple, mostly garter stitch shawl for ME. The grey yarn on the bottom edge is sparkly from the lurex in the yarn (Miss Babs Estrellita yarn base)
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: Divination
House: Slytherin :snake:
Project Name & Page Link: Enid Sweater (LC post)
(Ravelry project page here)
Brief Description: a sweater for my niece’s birthday!
Project Picture:


Class or Challenge Title: Detention - Repair
House: Slytherin :snake:
Project Name & Page Link: Dinning room chairs (Youtube video link, basic idea for seat reupholstry)
Brief Description: re-upholstered some of my dining room chairs. The fabric on the seats of the “extra” chairs (bought second hand) that kind of match my good set was DISGUSTING. Dirty, covered in yucky plastic, BEIGE. Ew.
New foam, new batting, and new thicker upholstry fabric that will hold up to cats and careless family. LOL. I also cleaned all the wood with Orange Glo before re-assembling, because it badly needed it.
Project Picture:


Wow, re-covering the chairs took so long that I managed to repaint my dinning room from pink to grey in between. LOL.


Class or Challenge Title: Alchemy
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Wooden Necklace
Brief Description: This piece was created for Abbeeroad in a recent box of goodies I sent her. Sadly it didn’t make it into the box, so she hasn’t received it yet! Hence the blur. Abbie, don’t look at this one!
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: CoMC
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Block Printed Silk Bowl
Brief Description: Bowls and baskets are excellent to help organize so many objects. From craft supplies, to hair ties, to clementines! This sari silk ribbon bowl was also made for Abbeeroad, and is hopefully organizing something for her right now.
Project Picture:

House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Link: Thyme After Thyme Shawl for Abbie
Brief Description: When I saw this yarn (a beautiful upcycled silk from Darn Good Yarn) on clearance last year during their Black Friday Sale, I knew it had to be made into something for our friend Abbeeroad. I picked up 4 skeins of it, for an absolute steal, and it has sat in my stash for several months. I wanted to create something pretty, but not fussy, with some detail work, but not anything that she’d be afraid to wear day to day with little ones around. I settled on the Thyme After Thyme pattern by Lisa Cook. Hopefully it will give Abbee years of comforting wear.
Project Picture:


Great colour choice for your Enid sweater @CraftsUntold

@MistressJennie I hope @Abbeeroad knows how lucky she is! (I’m sure she does :grin:)


Class: Transfiguration
House: Hufflepuff
Project: blue baby braces
Ok, hands up, this is some terrible knitting. The tension is all over the place - it looks like I kept randomly changing needle-size every few stitches. I knit most of them over the summer, in the coach on my way to an away-stay with my new colleagues - so I guess between the coach bumpiness and me being nervous (I had never met most of them before and I get very anxious in social situations)… awful knitting.
I was gonna reknit them but, well, they were mostly a filler project because my cardi was too big to take with, and they are for my cousin’s baby. I adore my cousin, but she’s not at all observant so I doubt she’ll even notice the sloppyness :grin: