Mini Bookmark from Mini Masterboard -- ART 2020 Q1 Challenge Entry

Bookmarks were one of my gateway crafts, so that seemed like an obvious choice for my challenge entry. Final product:

I started by making a 1:6 masterboard on an inchie-sized bit of cardstock. I started with a layer of tiny text snippets and bits of masking tape and then spread some black and purple paint over it with a piece of old gift card.

I cut some pieces of drinking straw and used them to make pink and yellow rings. The smaller dots are the same paint applied with qtip stick. I added some bits of the straw paper and then dabbed on some paint lines with an old table knife that had come apart.

Masterboard done, I cut a 1/3 section of it, poked a hole in it with a needle, and strung a couple of pieces of thread through to create a tasseled bookmark. (And apparently because I’m a glutton for punishment. That thread :woman_facepalming:.)

Here it is (temporarily) in use for reference:

Thanks for looking!


Ooh, masterboards and teeny tiny bookmarks! Nice!

I love the action shot in the book! :rofl:

I was just going to say the same thing, love the action shot!

That teeny bookmark would be perfect in those teeny books…I love the tassel thread!

Looks like people sticking to what they love is a great success in this challenge…I just love seeing all of these tiny works of art!

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Oh, that is so excellent!

That last photo is the best!! Hahaha!!!

Thanks, all. I just couldn’t resist the absurdity of the action shot.


The final action shot is just HIL.arious.!


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This is great! You took the challenge one step farther by making a mini masterboard to use for the base of your mini bookmark! I hope it doesn’t get lost in the book though :wink: It’s so cute! I feel like you need a tiny book to put it in. And a few more tiny books to keep the first book company and then a tiny bookshelf for the books… this could lead down a long road of tiny adventures! :smile:


Yeah, it came out of the book almost immediately for that very reason :laughing:.

“Long road” is the key phrase there. My eyes are still crossed from today’s minifying, so the mini library is a ways off. Unless someone else wants to make one, in which case, I can hook them up with bookmarks :+1: .

that’s absolutely awesome!! the colors you chose are perfect and the teeny tiny bookmark is soooo cute!

So so teeny!! Thanks for entering in the challenge!!

Its adorable!!!

So tiny and lovely!! Love the action shot :laughing:

Fantastic! The action shot is so funny! It’s so cool how you used mini tools to make this (like the card scraper).

Adorable bookmark :smiley: love the tassle XD torture indeed, but it looks great