Copic Drawings 2

I’ve kept going with my Copic practice! I shared some drawings earlier in the year (Copic Drawings), and have another set to share now! Some are better than others, but it’s all been fun. They’re all done free-hand, based on reference photos I found online.


And, this one is a drawing of a bug, which I’ve hidden under a cut for those with bug aversions.


Thanks for stopping by!


These are AMAZING!! I love the first one. The shine on the helmet is fantastic! You’re mastering the Copics! Love all the classic style ones too.


Clifford is absolutely bang on and so adorable!! The kitten in the stocking is sweet too.

Are Copic markers?

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Wowza! I think the tree and fox are my personal favorites.

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Thank you so much!!! Yep, Copic is a brand of alcohol markers.

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Fabulous! The stocking kitten is my fave. Such a cute face!

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Whoa, amazing! Of course I lovd that mushroom so, so much but they are all incredible. The old school tattoo art is really great.

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Amazing! I love to see your progression!

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These are all beautifully done! The shading and highlights are really impressive.

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I love all of these! The Rocketeer and old school tattoos are my faves, though.

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Thank you all for the kindness! It really helps me stay motivated! Happy new year!

New and looking around and simply had to stop and say how lovely your drawings are! I especially like the kitten in the stocking - so nostalgic. The bug is superb. Thank you for brightening my day with your drawings. :heart:


You certainly have some skills with those markers; your drawings are beautiful! Love the rocketeer and the stocking kitty, and the tree is amazing!

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Welcome to LettuceCraft @Tea !

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Thank you @geekgirl - I’ve found another happy place! so much to see and be uplifted by here. It’s amazing, everyone is amazing and kind and supportive. :heart_eyes: