Crafty Scavenger Hunt - Swap Gallery

AIMR :package: —> mellybelly81
bluebird :package: —> Reinikka :smiley_cat:
Bunny1kenobi :package: —> Cyn-energy :smiley_cat:
Cyn-energy :package: —> Bunny1kenobi :smiley_cat:
kittykill :package: —> Reinikka :smiley_cat:
Lynx2Lancer :package: —> thanate :smiley_cat:
mellybelly81 :package: —> AIMR :smiley_cat:
Reinikka :package: —> bluebird :smiley_cat: & kittykill :smiley_cat:
roler :package: —> thanate :smiley_cat:
thanate :package: —> Lynx2Lancer :smiley_cat: & roler :smiley_cat:

:package: = sent
:smiley_cat: = received
:sweat_smile: = late with communication



I can’t wait to see everything in this gallery! It is going to be so much fun.


I can’t wait to see all the goodies. I’m all ready to send mine out, too!


This will be awesome!!

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Oh my a gallery already!!! eeep!!! Can’t wait to see all the goodness. :eyes:

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I have been spoiled! :heart_eyes: Thank you @bluebird, you are amazing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Everything came wrapped in this dreamy blue tissue paper

She curated an art journal subscription box just for me! (I wish I could subscribe for more! :wink: :grin:)

Here are the goodies and their respective scavenger category.

Vintage - Washi tapes

Whimsical - More washi tapes!

Over 20 - Handmade art journal (with over 20 pages :wink:)

Green - Watercolor pad (green cover), came with a neato leaf tool for getting the pages out (apparently this pad is prepped for painting directly on/in and you remove the paper after painting :heart:). Also a cuuute skunk sticker!

Related to the letter “M” - "M"ini travel size watercolor set!!! :star_struck: It comes in a cardboard (paper) box if anyone wants to fight me on if it counts as paper! :laughing:

Typography - Letter stamps (with a handy watercolor mixing grid)

Tiny (under 2") - Postage stamps :grin: :heart: and decorative brads

And an extra (as if the above wasn’t enough!) - Watercolor brushes

Thank you again @bluebird :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I feel completely spoiled and I hope I can make something wonderful for you too! I’ve been wanting to learn more about water coloring and this package will definitely help me on my journey! Thank you also for the tips and info in your letter :kissing_heart: You’re awesome!


Spoiled indeed! Wow!


Holy moly…@bluebird has started off this gallery with a fantastic set of finds! It’s the perfect box of scavenger hunt goodies for @Reinikka :slight_smile:

The handmade art journal looks quite lovely! I love this interpretation of the “over 20” category.


Hooray! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I enjoyed putting it together for you! :blush:

haha, I didn’t think of the cardboard container as paper (For the Mini watercolor set)! Good idea! I did double check before sending to make sure as long as the item could be used with paper it was good, so I think all is well! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Hope you have fun with it! :blush:


What she said.
If you guys can somehow link the found items with paper-related or fabric-related crafting, the items are fair game :wink:


Wow! Way to set the bar, @bluebird !!! Amazing and thoughtful package!


What a fabulous package. I love the take on everything.

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Oh gosh, I somehow failed to set this thread to “watching” and missed the watercolor package!

I have finally opened my package from @Lynx (I wanted to start putting together my package before looking at what she had sent.)

Pictures incoming!

Things! In little numbered packages!

  1. Altered (transparency page made into LC stencils! I was just admiring them in another gallery :laughing: )

  2. Local (super cute map tags)

  3. green (lettuce mini-envelopes!)

  4. typography (various, I love the random dictionary page fabric especially)

  5. related to M=mask die cuts! :heart_eyes:

  6. over 20 little bitty circles (looks like they were cut from masterboard scraps)

  7. found (fabrics with clovers (as found in her yard) & peppers (as found in her garden.))

Thanks @Lynx-- there’s a lot of fun stuff in here. :grin:


Fun seeing different interpretations of the scavenger hunt list! Those map tags are so cool :star_struck:


Another fantastic hunt! The lettuce craft stencils and mini envelopes are great!!

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I know it’s not nearly as big as @bluebird’s package, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

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I am not currently in a place (space & supply-wise) where “big” is better. :laughing: Stencils and tiny glue-on things are much more my speed at present!


What a fun package! I love the stencils and that pepper fabric :heart_eyes:


The stencil is so fun! And the teeny envelopes and cute tags!