Crochet basket with insert

Hey @susieoregon, thank you for the inspiration with your recent post! I made a little basket, it’s 6" in diameter and also 6" tall. I used up all the blue yarn I had in stash and nearly all of that white.

It has one handle that could be used to hang it up or the top can be folded down and the handle becomes a handy holder.

I tend to crochet very tightly after so many years of making ami and other figures so the basket is pretty stiff but to give it a bit more structure I added a stabilizer in the bottom.

It’s a disk of cardboard covered up with the test patch I did of @Edel’s Patchwork Heart Block


Great colors! Also, what a good use for the test patch!

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That’s really pretty and such a good idea for the scissors holder.

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I made it and was thisclose to not posting so I could send it to you but you’re moving! Housewarming gifts will have to wait until you are actually inside the new house and unpacking a thing isn’t a burden.

Unless you really want it. Then I will send you 2. Or 3. LOL!


It is not only cute, but also very clever in function! I like the idea of the inside being stabilized like that…and what a great idea for those test blocks…

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That’s adorable!

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Way to use up the bits. It’s lovely

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I love everything about this!

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I just dropped it off to a neighbour, she traded us a mason jar of beet ginger juice, YUM! I turned yarn into pink pee, wheeeeeee! :smile:


I like the scissor holder! Fun. :smiley:

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I love the little surprise at the bottom, such a great idea

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Ha! My grabby hands are like, gimme all the baskets. But my solicitor just emailed, finally some movement on the sale, he’s proposed a closing date of 5 march! Which would give us a couple of weeks after that to pack everything. Panic although now that I think of it, with our new six weeks more of lockdown-i won’t be able to hire movers until we re-emerge, so that gives me a bit of breathing space.


Oooohhh, this is great news! I will happily make you all the baskets! Choose your colour combos, shapes/dimensions & I’ll get started!

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I love it! The insert is a great idea and turned out so cute.

This little basket is a real charmer!

This is adorable and would make a perfect little project basket for a portable crochet or knitting project, especially with the scissors!

Oh wow! I love the insert.

That is cute. I like the color and the size.

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